Cost of studying and living in Turkey

Studying abroad is no longer an option but has become necessary. As long as the student focuses on competing in the international work market or wants to create a better future for his/her country; So, he must find the right educational destination that suits his needs and abilities. When we mention the right place to go, we mean to consider the quality of education and the cost of studying and living. This blog lets you know the cost of studying and living in Turkey to help you make the right choice.

Tuition Fees

Many international students looking for study opportunities in Europe prefer choosing Turkey over other European countries. This is not surprising, but one of the most important reasons behind their decision is that the costs of studying in Turkish universities, whether public or private universities are very reasonable, contrary to other Universities in European countries.

The tuition fees vary from one University to another, according to whether it is a public or private University, its location, and its ranking. Also, the cost of studying in Turkey depends on the degree, the study program, and the language of study (English or Turkish).

Cost of studying in Turkey

The Tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree in Turkey start from 2000$ to 8000$ per year for all engineering, administrative, technical, and social sciences programs. And Regarding the cost of medical programs (Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy) ranges between 7300$ and 25000$ annually.

OK TAMAM Group provides exclusive discounts on tuition fees for students who want to study in one of the top private Turkish universities. It also fulfills the required steps on behalf of the students in terms of admission, starting with the application until they get the Turkish residence permit procedures in Turkey at no charge.

Living Expenses in Turkey

Living in Turkey is suitable for everyone; whatever the student’s budget, he/she can afford living expenses in Turkey. Compared to other European countries, Turkey considers one of the most affordable destinations. Also, the cost of living varies from one person to another according to each individual’s lifestyle and the financial level to which he is accustomed. On the other hand, the cost of living varies between Turkish cities. For example, living prices within Istanbul are higher than in other Turkish cities. However, Istanbul is the most favorable city for international students, then Ankara, due to many other features that make Istanbul unique.

However, we can expect the living costs for a student in Turkey, including accommodation, food, transportation, and other personal expenses. He/she may spend monthly a range from 300$ to 600$, but this amount depends on his/her needs and how he can manage the money.

Therefore, if you are considering studying in Turkey, you don’t have to worry about studying and living expenses in Turkey as you will find many options. After spending the first academic year at the university, you can also work part-time while studying to save for the costs of studying in Turkey and your living expenses.

If you are thinking of studying abroad but are still confused, contact now with OK TAMAM, the most experienced educational consultant in Turkey.. where we can help you and provide you with educational advice for free. We can also determine the perfect major for your personality, register for you, and guarantee your university admission now.


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