Turkish scholarships

Important notice: Application for the academic year 2020/2021 are now closed for all undergraduate and postgraduate (Master and PhD) in the Turkish Scholarship Program.

Turkish Scholarship is the Turkish government’s global scholarship program which is offered to all students from all over the world.

The Turkish Scholarship is considered one of the most popular scholarship programs around the world because it includes almost all majors with various starting dates. The Turkish government provides at least 4,000 grants every year, leading to a high acceptance rate for applicants.

Also, Turkish universities are currently considered the best universities, because many of them got a high ranking among the top 100 universities in the world. Private universities in Turkey are distinctive universities that do not require any admission examinations and the high school degree is admitted by them.

What are the features included in the Turkish scholarship program?

  • Turkish scholarship covers free accommodation in the university hostel, but in case the student does not want to stay in the University hostel, he/she can live in private hostels or any other apartments at their own expense.
  • Health insurance for students in government hospitals for free and in private hospitals with paying the minimum fees.
  • providing fully funded Turkish language full-time course for one year at the best Turkish language institutions, in case the students didn’t get the required level in the Turkish language, and this applies also on students who studied in languages other than Turkish

During the language course, students continue to receive full scholarship benefits.

  • Travel costs to and from Turkey after completion of the study.
  • students can benefit from their residence permits, such as discounted transportation card and card to visit museums and archaeological sites for free.
  • university tuition fees will be covered by the scholarship program.

In addition to a monthly stipend for students in different stages of study: Bachelor's degree: 700 TL per month

Master’s degree: 950 TL per month

Doctoral degree: 1400 TL per month

Research grant: 3000 TL per month

Eligibility for the bachelor’s degree applicants who want to get accepted in the Turkish Scholarship Program:

  • Applicant must be at least 21 years old or older.
  • The applicant should not be enrolled in a Turkish university at the same level.
  • If the applicant wasn’t graduated or is about to graduate from high school, his total percentage must not be less than 70% at the time of graduation, or his percentage for the previous years of studying before the submission of the scholarship application.
  • The minimum percentage required for all majors is 70% except for the medical departments.
  • Students who intend to apply for any of the medical specializations must have a minimum of 90% in the high school, (medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy)


The required documents that must be submitted by the student who is looking to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program within the fully-funded Turkish Scholarship Program:

  • valid passport
  • Official transcripts
  • Copy of high school certificate
  • A clear personal photo with a white or blue background

Important Notes:

  • Some countries combine the degree certificate with the graduation certificate in one document, and other countries put each certificate as one separately, Both forms are acceptable. because in all cases the student must have both documents for applying.
  • It is preferable to submit all documents and certificates copies using the scanner.

Conditions to be met by students wishing to apply for Master’s degree

  • The applicant’s date of birth should not be before 11/1988, and the age of the applicant should not exceed 30 years.
  • Bachelor’s degree should not be less than 75%.

The required documents from the students who want to enroll in the master’s degree program within the Turkish Free Scholarship Programs

  • copy of a bachelor’s degree with the transcript.
  • certification of high school degree with the transcript
  • A report from one or two papers in English from the student explains why he chose Turkey to study) This letter is called the Letter of Motivation and is done for students enrolled in Turkish scholarship programs through the OK TAMAM group. (
  • A copy of valid passport
  • personal photo with a white or blue background.
  • References latter: Many students may not give much attention to a “reference letter” when applying for university, but a convincing and clear letter of recommendation may be an effective reason for selecting a student by the university. In the case of any problems in the extraction of this letter from the university, which graduated from the student can be extracted from his work if the student is working.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In case the student provided this letter, the student must submit the full personal information regarding his / her job, his / her work, telephone number, and e-mail.

 Conditions to be met by students for Applying for a PhD

  • The year of birth of the applicant shall not be before 1/1/1983, and he must be under 35 years of age.
  • The master’s degree should not be less than 75%

The documents required for PhD students to apply for the Turkish Scholarship Program are:

  • certification of high school degree with the transcript
  • copy of a bachelor’s degree with the transcript.
  • Master certificate with the transcript.
  • Excerpts from Master Thesis

Refranchise latter: In the case of any problems in the extraction of this letter from the university, which graduated from the student can be extracted from his work if the student is working.

  • copy of valid passport.
  • personal photo with a white or blue background.


  • It is preferable to send the papers copies using the scanner.
  • Students who have not yet graduated and are about to graduate from the Master’s Thesis has to bring the transcript of the last semester they study at the University

How to apply in the Turkish scholarship?

There are two ways of applying in Turkish scholarship

First, you choose to submit your application via the scholarship website directly. Second, you can apply through Ok TAMAM Group and benefit from the registration services as follow:

  • Our professional team will advise you on how you can be accepted and get the scholarship and that may higher your chance of acceptance.
  • OK TAMAM Teamwork will prepare and translate your documents and represent you in a professional manner and follow up your application.
  • Registration in one of the international scholarship programs, OK TAMAM is a member in the Erasmus Group, it is a non-profit international organization that supervises the largest international scholarships around the world where a student can be selected if his qualifications are matching the registration requirements in these scholarship programs.
  • Preparing the motivational letter for a student, which explains why the student chose Turkey to enroll in any of its programs, this letter will be written according to international standards and it is carefully evaluated by the management of the Turkish Scholarship.
  • Registration in one of the Turkish public universities for bachelor students but only if the student meets the requirements of the university.
  • OK TAMAM provides a card, which allows you to get technical support and educational consultations with the highest performance could be provided, also get discounts and exclusive offers from the Turkish universities.

If you have any questions about the Turkish Scholarship Program or our educational services, please contact us

Important notes for students want to apply for Turkish scholarship program

  • No one guarantees your acceptance in the scholarship, whether Turkish or international scholarship programs. And keep in your mind that no one knows the results until it’s announced.

      The selection timelines

  • The first phase between two to four months,  the Turkish government following in this phase the academic criteria which differentiates every student from another. And depending on his academic performance by the academic transcripts, his total percentage and until the last semester.
  • The second phase, it depends on the topic or the specialization that the student planning to study it. In addition to his language skills and the motivational letter that is preparing by OK TAMAM GROUP specialists