Turkish Scholarships for Syrian Students

Important Clarification: The information below is specific to the exceptions adopted for the year 2017 only

What are Turkish Scholarships?

For details about the Turkish Scholarship program and to know all the conditions and requirements for all nationalities except Syrian nationality, please visit the page: Information about the Turkish Scholarship.

The Turkish scholarship programs offer the following benefits to the student:

  • Free accommodation in student housing at public universities, with other housing options available at the student’s own expense which offer various services including daily meals.
  • Health insurance, allowing students to receive treatment in public hospitals for free and in some private hospitals for a nominal fee.
  • A full year of Turkish language study at top language teaching centers. This applies even to students who have not yet achieved the required proficiency in Turkish, including those whose education is in languages other than Turkish. During this period, students continue to receive all scholarship benefits.
  • Round-trip flight tickets to and from Turkey upon starting and completing their studies.
  • Benefits include a student residence permit, discounted transportation card, and free access to museums and archaeological sites.
  • Scholarship recipients do not pay university tuition fees.

In addition to a monthly stipend for students at different educational stages:

    • Bachelor’s stage: 700 Turkish Lira per month.
    • Master’s stage: 950 Turkish Lira per month.
    • Doctoral stage: 1400 Turkish Lira per month.
    • Research grant: 3000 Turkish Lira per month.

Turkish Scholarships for Syrians – Additional Conditions and Requirements for Each Educational Stage:

Turkish scholarships will be offered to Syrians who are studying or plan to study at any educational level: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate in Turkey.

Applications with incorrect and/or incomplete information will be deemed invalid.

 If missing or incorrect information is found after a student has been awarded a scholarship, the paid grants must be returned by the student according to the relevant regulations.

Applications submitted manually or by mail will be rejected. Applicants will be notified of the receipt of their scholarship application.

Requirements for Applying for Turkish Scholarships for Syrians:

Only students meeting the following criteria are eligible for this scholarship program.

For students currently continuing their studies at any university:

  • Currently enrolled in any higher education program at public universities in Turkey (at the undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral level)
  • Enrolled in daytime education programs
  • Must be a Syrian citizen under temporary protection or a resident (with a 99 number) in Turkey
  • Must not be receiving another scholarship under any of the Turkish scholarship programs
  • Must not be receiving any scholarship granted by any institution or organization currently (including scholarships for exchange students, except those benefiting from the Advanced Turkish Training Program for Syrians)
  • Must not be enrolled in private universities

Required Documents

  • Student certificate
  • Transcript
  • Foreign ID / Passport or residency certificate (with foreigner ID number 99)

For new students:

  • Must hold a Syrian ID
  • Must have graduated from an educational level lower than the scholarship program applied for (e.g., graduated from a bachelor’s program to apply for a graduate program) or will graduate at the end of the current academic year
  • Must not currently be enrolled in a program in Turkey at the level of study applied for
  • Must not be receiving any scholarship from any institution or organization currently (including scholarships for exchange students, except those benefiting from the Advanced Turkish Training Program for Syrians

Required Documents for New Applicants:

  • Diploma or provisional graduation certificate
  • Passport
  • Transcript

Additionally, for candidates residing in Turkey:

  • Equivalence certificate for graduates of Turkish high schools or a graduation certificate from open secondary education
  • Foreign identity or residency certificate (foreign ID number 99)

Important Clarification Registration for the free Turkish Scholarship program for the academic year 2018/2019 for all educational levels, whether bachelor’s or postgraduate (master’s and doctorate), has ended.

How to Apply for Turkish Scholarships

There are two ways to apply for Turkish scholarships: either directly through the scholarship management website for free or through the OK TAMAM group for educational services.

Benefits of Applying Through the OK TAMAM Global Group

  • The OK TAMAM team professionally translates your documents and registers you without any mistakes, ensuring that your documents reach the student accurately. This does not provide any advantage in the acceptance process but ensures that your file is correctly received and reviewed by the Turkish Scholarship Administration for evaluation and comparison among applicants.

  • Your file includes your subscription to the international scholarships services of the OK TAMAM Global Group. In case you are not accepted into the Turkish scholarship, OK TAMAM will apply for you in all international scholarships worldwide, keeping your file open until you are accepted into a scholarship (selected based on the student’s preference). OK TAMAM is a member of the Erasmus Authority, which supervises the largest international scholarships worldwide. For instance, when a scholarship becomes available in a specific country, the Erasmus Authority notifies OK TAMAM, which then submits its students’ files for any scholarship as soon as it appears and updates daily on international scholarships announced in various countries worldwide.

  • Enrollment in one of the Turkish public universities provided that the student meets the application conditions required by this university, noting that the rules for registering at personal expense at Turkish public universities differ from the rules for registering in free Turkish scholarship programs.

  • Preparation of a letter of intent submitted by the student with the electronic application, which clarifies the reasons for choosing Turkey for completing their university studies. OK TAMAM prepares this letter according to academic standards, carefully reviewed during the evaluation stages by the Turkish Scholarship Administration.

  • After choosing the application method, you must choose the type of scholarship to apply for.

  • After the application process begins, the evaluation process for the files starts. Learn about the stages of evaluating scholarship student files here.

Important Notes for Students Applying or Planning to Apply for Turkish Scholarship Programs

No one can guarantee acceptance into the scholarships, whether Turkish or international programs, regardless of their proximity to the committees sorting and examining the applicants’ requests for government or private scholarships, as the evaluation committees do not know any person until the day the results are announced. The evaluation stages for registered applications are divided into two phases:

  1. The first phase ranges between two to four months and looks at the student’s academic performance based on the grades mentioned in the certificate and the overall average up to the last academic semester.
  2. The second phase involves the student’s recent work on the topic they plan to study, language skills, and the letter of intent prepared by the OK TAMAM Global Group by specialists, among the benefits offered by the OK TAMAM Group.

Only by God’s grace, meeting the conditions, and the level of grades is the only guarantee for a chance to win the scholarship.

The OK TAMAM Group offers you registration services for the scholarship according to the conditions and specifications of acceptance grades, those most likely to win the scholarship, photo sizes, and professional resume writing to improve your chances of winning the scholarship, motivation letter, tracking your file, responding to the scholarship committee, and completing the requests and specifications professionally through an academic staff led by doctors and academics.

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