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TED University

TED University




Ziya Gökalp Caddesi No: 47 – 48
Kolej – Ankara / Turkey

TED University

TED University established in 2009 near Kızılay in the heart of Ankara, by the Turkish Education Association (TED) that it has developed the education since 1928. The goal behind establishing TED University is to encourage students to think creatively and critically, to help them success in the practical and personal life. Also, to become one of the top Universities in Turkey.

Faculties of TED University

TED is one of the top Universities in Turkey; it has a high academic ranking among the Universities. The University includes 5 faculties that provides 21 programs; In addition to number of postgraduate institutes and English/Turkish preparatory school.


It aims to be inspiring and finding solutions for the social problems through interacting with people and sharing knowledge.


TED University mission is to prepare students who are self-confident, creative, open minded and have the ability to think critically. The University also has a mission of continuing contribution to sustainable development by creating solutions for the national & global challenges.

Why TED University?

• The University has a quiet environment that helps students to focus on their studies that provides all equipment and latest technologies
• The University is a member of the Erasmus program that gives students exchange opportunities that allow them to spend a semester or a year for studying or training in one of the Universities that are members in Erasmus program
• It includes health center that allows students to benefit from medical examinations and first aid treatment. In urgent cases, the patient referred to hospital for further medical care
• In Urgent cases, patients kept under medical examination in the Health Center for monitoring and treatment
• It has a huge library that includes printed and electronic books, publications, magazines and researches
• The University provides housing for students with all services needed as restaurants, rooms and other services. It also contains entertainment areas like fun & games areas

Student Activities

TED University offers many of the student activities that improve the organizational, communication, teamwork skills; in addition, the University contributing to develop their mentality and personalities, therefore the University includes many of student societies that organize effective activities in different fields, for example:
• Photography Society
• Architecture and design Society
• Music Society
• E-sport Society
• Culture and Arts Society
• Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society

In addition, in the cooperation with the University administration, student societies organize music concerts, plays and other entertainment activities. Students also can swim in the University’s swimming pool and have access to exercise in the GYM.

Department Duration (y) Language Tuition Fees 
 Mathematics Education 4 English 7000$
Political Sciences & International Relations 4 English 7000$
Business Administration 4 English 7000$
Early Childhood Education 4 English 7000$
Guidance & Psychological Counseling 4 English 7000$
English Language Education 4 English 7000$
Economics 5 English 7000$
Primary Education 5 English 7000$
City & Regional Planning 4 English 9000$
Psychology 5 English 9000$
Sociology 5 English 9000$
Software Engineering 4 English 9000$
Mathematics 5 English 9000$
Industrial Design 5 English 9000$
Visual Communication Design 5 English 9000$
English Language & Literature 4 English 9000$
Architecture 4 English 9000$
Interior Architecture & Environmental Design 4 English 9000$
Computer Engineering 4 English 9000$
Electrical & Electronics Engineering 4 English 9000$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 9000$
Mechanical Engineering 4 English 9000$
Civil Engineering 4 English 9000$
Department With Thesis or not Language  Tuition Fees for program
Master of Economics & Finance With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Interactive Computing and Information Systems With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Engineering Management With Thesis or Without English 8000$
 Master of English Language Education With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Mechatronics Engineering With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Applied Data Science With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Civil Engineering With Thesis or Without English 8000$
 Master’s program in Mechanical Engineering With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Management Educational Institutions With Thesis or Without English 6000$
Master of Architecture and Urban Studies With Thesis or Without English 8000$
 Master of Migration Studies With Thesis or Without English 8000$
Master of Developmental Focused Clinical Child & Adolescent psychology With Thesis or Without English 11000$

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