Practicing the medical profession in Turkey

Turkey opens the door for foreign doctors to practice the medical profession on its territory, according to the law issued in 2011, permitting foreign doctors from all over the world to work in Turkey in various medical fields within private institutions, excluding dentistry and pharmacy, with the exception of those of Turkish origin. However, working is subject to several conditions, which we will discuss in the following lines.

Requirements for practicing the medical profession in Turkey

Foreign doctors can work in private medical institutions in Turkey after meeting the following conditions:

  • Submit a certificate equivalence document.
  • Submit a Turkish language certificate at the (B2) level from an accredited center.
  • No legal obstacles preventing the individual from working.
  • Obtain permission to practice the profession from the Turkish Ministry of Health.
  • Submit a job application to the institution where the doctor wishes to work.

How to obtain a work permit as a doctor in Turkey?

First: Learn and master the Turkish language and obtain a certificate from an accredited center at the (B2) level.

Second: Certificate equivalence, where the doctor submits their certificates to the Ministry of Higher Education in Ankara. The ministry reviews the documents, and then the doctor undergoes a certificate equivalence test, which includes both theoretical and practical parts.

It’s worth noting that foreign doctors who graduated from universities in Germany, England, the United States, and some other European countries are exempt from the certificate equivalence test.

Third: Pass the mandatory training in one of the government hospitals affiliated with the ministry. The doctor, directed by the Ministry of Health, goes to one of the hospitals for training, with the training duration ranging from 6 to 9 months.

Fourth: After completing the certificate equivalence and the training period, the doctor obtains a work permit as a general practitioner. Then, the doctor must undergo a specialization equivalence to practice as a specialist doctor in Turkey. How is the specialization equivalence done?

Specialization equivalence is achieved by practicing in the medical field of your specialization within one of the university hospitals under supervision for a period not exceeding 3 months. After completing the training, there is an exam for the doctor to obtain a specialization equivalence certificate.

Fifth: The doctor sends the following documents to the health directorate in the city:

  • The job application submitted to work in one of the private health institutions.
  • Certificate equivalence document.
  • Turkish language certificate.
  • Document indicating the practice of the profession and the contract specifying the remuneration to be received from the private institution where the doctor will work.

Afterward, the complete documents are sent to the Ministry of Health, where the entire file is evaluated. If the evaluation is positive, the doctor is granted a professional practice document. Based on this document, the foreign doctor applies for a work permit through the health directorate.

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