OSTiM Technical University

OSTIM Technical University

OSTİM Teknik Üniversitesi OSTİM, 06374 Ankara / Türkiye

OSTIM Technical University is located in the capital of Turkey, “Ankara,” a center of the business world and the public sector. Thousands of multinational companies surround the University, and most of them have mutual agreements with OSTIM Technical University; the University creates a suitable environment for all students with internship opportunities during their years of study.

OSTIM Technical University includes three faculties: the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Architecture & Design, and the Faculty of Economic & Administrative Sciences. It also includes a vocational school offering diverse specializations such as Mechatronics, E-Commerce and Marketing, and Cyber Security. Also, it has two academically-equipped institutes for postgraduate studies in engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences, in addition to research and training centers. In accordance with the University’s mission to support business ideas, it includes a center that has all the facilities needed for small-enterprise projects.

The Pioneering Industrial University in Turkey

OSTIM Technical University is the first industrial University in Turkey; as OSTIM is one of the leading industrial areas, it is considered an international commercial center that includes over 6200 companies with around 60.000 employees in 17 sectors and 139 business lines. The University established strong partnerships with the surrounding business sectors, industries, and community to prepare students for life after graduation.

The University adopts an educational approach that relies on experiments and application, which create a harmony between theoretical and practical learning. Additionally, OSTIM Technical University provides all techniques and scientific research methodologies in the modern industrial zone, besides the well-equipped laboratories in the University.

Why OSTIM Technical University?

  • It is a third-generation university that efficiently combines academic studies, scientific research, and practical training.
  • It adopts English as a primary language of instruction alongside Turkish.
  • Modern external and internal designs, including the technical campus, laboratories, and modern classrooms.
  • The University aims to provide educational, research, and applied infrastructure and facilities according to international standards, especially in design, training, and the latest manufacturing systems and innovative technologies.
  • It equips its students with the knowledge and skills required to compete strongly in the business world, emphasizing students’ graduation with values such as self-confidence, self-development, innovation, high cultural awareness, and various humanitarian values.
  • It actively seeks to increase the efficiency of science and technology development in Turkey.
  • It prioritizes providing its students with professional competence in education and training both within and outside the University.
  • It supports development and knowledge production in the University through research-based projects using modern technology as the basis for the University’s research and publication philosophy. It ensures the availability of facilities to apply the produced information in real-world scenarios.
  • The University excels in engineering, design, and advanced manufacturing system technologies. It offers its students the highest international education, research, infrastructure, and applications.
  • The University emphasizes providing its students with experience in project management and participation through active involvement in national projects.
  • It creates numerous opportunities for external and internal training for students during their study at the University.

Research and training centers

The University has a diverse range of research and training centers, such as:

  1. Industrial Policy and Development Center
  2. Writing Center
  3. Lifelong Learning Applications and Research Center
  4. Entrepreneurship and Leadership Centers
  5. Innovation Factory: An advanced workshop established within Ostim Technopark, where students can produce prototypes and conduct research and development studies.
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