EMS Language Center

EMS Language Center, a premier institution specializing in English language education in Malaysia, is recognized as one of the strongest language teaching centers accredited by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. The center offers a variety of courses in Intensive General English (IGE) to meet the diverse learning objectives of students from various ages and nationalities worldwide. Courses and programs at the center are designed by experts to suit all levels of English language proficiency. The center adheres to the highest academic standards in education. As a result, many international students from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa choose to study at the center to master English with proficiency.

About EMS Language Center

Established in 2011 by Citinetics Sdn, a company with thirty years of experience in managing training courses, workshops, and classrooms, the primary goal behind founding the center was to simplify English language learning for all students, making their learning journey straightforward and flexible. Therefore, the center was aptly named EMS, an acronym for “English Made Simple.”

The International EMS Language Center is located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, close to the famous Petronas Twin Towers, providing a culturally rich environment with numerous festivals and events throughout the year.

English Language Courses and Costs at EMS

Intensive General English (IGE)

The course emphasizes pronunciation rules, vocabulary, intensive reading, writing, speaking, and listening exercises. It features interactive lessons in small classes with a maximum of 12 students per class. The course is known for regular monitoring by teachers through summer work and homework, focusing on developing English language skills through multicultural social activities to entertain students.

The duration and cost of study are as follows:

  • A 4-month course costs 12,020 Malaysian Ringgit.
  • A 6-month course costs 16,380 Ringgit.
  • An 8-month course costs 20,740 Ringgit.
  • A 10-month course costs 25,100 Ringgit.
  • A 12-month course costs 29,460 Ringgit.

Conversation Course

Designed for those who want to speak English fluently, this course focuses on conversation and communication in various situations, allowing learners to express themselves in English more confidently.

The conversation course is conducted two hours daily, led by qualified and experienced teachers who support and motivate students to speak English better.

The cost for a 6-month conversation course is 8,400 Ringgit, and for 10 months, it is 11,800 Ringgit.

IELTS Preparation Course

Learners receive the best tips and techniques for passing the IELTS exam through a professionally designed course that equips them with the skills and techniques needed to pass the test efficiently. The course duration is 72 hours per month and costs 2,900 Ringgit.

English for Business Program

The course covers a wide range of topics specifically designed to enable learners to develop and improve the English language and techniques necessary for various business situations and requirements. It aims to help students increase their chances of obtaining a local or international job by improving their business communication skills in English.

Other courses offered by EMS include:

  • Preparatory programs for enrollment in Malaysian universities.
  • Preparatory programs for Australian universities.
  • Writing courses.
  • Summer camps.

Online English language teaching courses:

  • General English course.
  • IELTS preparation course.
  • Specialized online courses.
  • PTE preparation course for learners.
  • Conversation course.
  • English writing teaching course.

Benefits of Studying at EMS Language Center

  • The center boasts qualified international academics to provide ample support for students to learn English efficiently and to help improve professional prospects and public communication skills.
  • EMS Language Center offers English learning programs to students within and outside Malaysia, welcoming international students worldwide. This provides a culturally diverse environment, allowing students to practice English for daily communication.
  • The center offers specialized programs at all levels and for all purposes.
  • Educational programs are delivered interactively, encouraging participation and practice.
  • Programs and courses at the center are designed to help learners upgrade their English language skills according to their personal, professional, and academic needs.
  • The center features advanced educational and recreational facilities, ensuring students have a unique educational experience in the heart of Malaysia.
  • EMS’s educational system allows students to consult and discuss with teachers.

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