Majors Communication design and advertising

Communication and advertising design is one of the emerging specializations introduced to the business sector in recent years. Trade has not been limited to supply and demand but has also seen the need for marketing plans and advertising products and services before they are introduced to the market due to the increasing number of competitors locally and globally.

The first person to establish effective standards and forms of communication was the talented American citizen Dale Carnegie, author of the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” Subsequently, universities in all European countries and the United States began designing communication and advertising design programs to immerse students in this field and prepare them to work in various departments of major companies.

Importance of Communication and Advertising Design

The field of communication and advertising design targets all members of society in various categories because it serves as a link between two parties to convey an idea. It serves as a language of dialogue between the seller and the buyer. It plays another vital role in creating an effective diplomatic network between countries through communication departments and designing important advertisements under the name of embassies or international organizations, whether on-site, via email, or on social media platforms, to publish important news and advertisements to the public.

Curriculum for Communication and Advertising Design Programs

The duration of study for a bachelor’s degree is typically four years. The academic content in most Turkish universities includes a variety of study programs. However, students should check the curriculum (Course Description) on the university’s website they wish to enroll in.

First academic year

  • Introduction to Communication
  • Political Science
  • Introduction to Law
  • Psychology and Positive Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Introduction to Economics
  • Fundamentals of Philosophy

Second academic year

  • Communication Research Methods
  • Communications Law
  • Marketing Communications
  • Communication History
  • Advertising Copywriting
  • Social Psychology
  • Advertising Design Basics
  • Political Communication
  • Design and Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Project Culture
  • Photography

Third academic year

  • Communication Theories
  • Innovation in Advertising
  • Media Planning

Fourth academic year

  • Communications and Ethics 
  • Occupational Health and Safety in Communications
  • Graduation Project Design

Example: Click here to see the subjects taught for the Communication and Advertising Design program at Uskudar University.

Turkish universities usually provide practical training for their students inside or outside the campus during the third and fourth years before graduation to ensure their ability and prepare them for job opportunities in various companies and organizations.

Job opportunities for graduates

  • Public Relations Department
  • Marketing Advertising Designers
  • Brand Management
  • Human Resources Department in various companies and institutions
  • Communication Department for the corporate sector, international organizations, or embassies and government agencies

Leading Turkish universities offering Communication and Advertising Design specialization

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