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Automotive Engineering is one of the most important majors in the Faculty of Engineering, focusing on manufacturing and developing car parts and systems. Automotive engineers excel in designing modern car frames and developing specifications for more advanced engines to make cars faster and more comfortable. Therefore, studying automotive engineering at one of Turkey’s distinguished universities is the first step for students toward a strong professional future. Turkish universities encourage their students to be creative and innovative in laboratories and workshops, applying what they have learned theoretically in graduation projects with practical implications.

Importance of Automotive Engineering Specialization

 Major automotive companies worldwide compete each year to offer the latest cars with high-quality systems and capabilities and stunning designs for customers. Therefore, they are keen on hiring the most competent automotive engineers and innovators who can innovate while adhering to proper standards for car design and manufacturing.

Curriculum for Automotive Engineering Major

The duration of study at Turkish universities is typically four years for the undergraduate level. The curriculum in most Turkish universities includes a variety of study programs, knowing that the content may differ from one university to another. The student must check the course description on the university website where he wishes to study.

First Academic Year

  • General Introduction to Physics
  • General Introduction to Chemistry
  • Computer Engineering and Design
  • Fundamentals of Automotive Engineering

Second Academic Year

  • Automotive Laboratories
  • Introduction to Engineering Materials
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Fuel Injection
  • Differential Equations

Third Academic Year

  • Digital Methods for Engineers
  • Heat Transfer and Distribution
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Machine Theory
  • Machine Elements
  • Automotive Engines

Fourth Academic Year

  • Advanced Studies in Automotive Engineering
  • Truck Dynamics
  • Design of Transportation Systems

Turkish universities usually provide practical training for their students within or outside the university premises during the third and fourth years before graduation to ensure students’ capability and readiness for employment in various factories and institutions.

Example: Click here to see the subjects taught for the Automotive Engineering major at Isik University.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

  • Global automotive companies
  • Car maintenance and spare parts sales centers
  • Agencies and factories specialized in designing and manufacturing car tires

Top Turkish Universities Offering Automotive Engineering Major

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