Majors Animation and Cartoon

Animation appeared in the 19th century and became famous in the early 20th century. Walt Disney was one of the pioneers in the field, excelling in creating cartoon characters in a series of famous films that remain popular to this day. Since then, the entire world has turned its attention to the animated film industry, and diverse academic programs have been established based on the desire of many people to study this field. This field requires, alongside academic study, imaginative mental skills and creative abilities, whether in inventing interesting cartoon characters or through visual and sound effects that attract viewers around the world.

It is one of the most diverse fields, including designs for cartoon series that are both police-themed and comedic, and another type in the form of animated movies (Animation Movie) with durations similar to other cinematic films, with Cinderella being one of the most famous of these films. There is a distinctive form represented in children’s magazines which, on one hand, encourage children to read and on the other hand, serve as entertainment. It should be noted that these are not only limited to children; many adults also enjoy these films, and all age groups enjoy watching them.

The Importance of Animation

Animated films generate enormous profits each year, thanks to their development resulting from technological advancements, and they began to be presented in cinemas in 3D. These films are characterized by their intriguing events and imaginative, stimulating ideas that attract many people to watch them, thus increasing the demand for designers with an artistic and creative sense. European universities, especially in Turkey, have paid attention by offering distinguished programs for studying animation at various academic levels.

Curriculum of Animation Major

The duration of study for this major in Turkish universities is four years for the bachelor’s degree, and the academic content in most Turkish universities includes a variety of study programs, although the content may differ from one university to another. Students must verify the course descriptions on the university website they wish to enroll in before registering.

First Academic Year

  • Introduction to Cartoon
  • Introduction to Economics (two parts)
  • Art History
  • Drawing
  • Learning the Basics of Art (Part One)

Second Academic Year

  • Graphic Drawing
  • Learning Screenwriting
  • Animation
  • Sculptural Drawings
  • Psychology of Visual Perception

Third Academic Year

  • Building Cartoon Characters
  • Developing Visual Graphics and Characters in Games

Fourth Academic Year

  • Production of Animated Films
  • Basics of Game Programming
  • Designing Visual Effects

Example: Click here to see the subjects taught for animation at Bahçeşehir University

Job Opportunities for Graduates

  • Film Industry
  • Designing and Drawing Fantasy Character Shapes for Children’s Stories
  • Cartoon Series
  • Design Field
  • Advertising and Marketing

Prominent Turkish Universities Offering a Major in Animation