Education System in North Macedonia

North Macedonia is located in Southeastern Europe, bordered by Kosovo and Serbia to the north, Greece to the south, Bulgaria to the east, and Albania to the west. North Macedonia has a rich culture and history, reflecting the influences of various empires it has been through, such as the Ottoman and Roman Empires.


North Macedonia is also an educational hub that attracts students from different countries worldwide to study and explore diverse cultures and civilizations. Its appeal extends beyond its rich history and charming natural landscapes, including beautiful mountains, blue lakes, and enchanting green landscapes.


If you’re considering studying abroad, get to know the education system in North Macedonia. It might be the study destination you’re looking for.

نظام التعليم في مقدونيا

Education System in North Macedonia

Everything you need to know about the education system in North Macedonia.

  • Primary Education: This is the basic stage of education, where children start at 7, and primary education lasts eight years. Students receive a certificate upon completing primary education.

  • Secondary Education: After completing primary education, students can enroll in secondary education and choose between general secondary education, vocational education, and technical secondary education. Students can apply for university after graduation and obtaining a high school diploma.

  • Vocational Education: Vocational education refers to vocational schools that offer a variety of educational programs, such as information technology, foreign languages, management, business, and economics. Upon completing vocational courses, students receive professional certificates that enable them to enter the job market directly.

Higher Education in North Macedonia

Higher education in North Macedonia includes universities, colleges, and academic institutions.

North Macedonia has several distinguished universities that offer different academic levels, including:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor’s studies in North Macedonia typically last 4 to 6 academic years, depending on the chosen field of study. For example, medical studies may take six years, while administrative colleges require four years.

  • Master’s Degree: Master’s studies generally take 1 to 2 years. A Master’s degree is awarded after academic studies and the successful presentation and defense of a thesis.

  • Doctorate (Ph.D.): Earning a Ph.D. at one of North Macedonia’s universities usually takes 3 to 5 years.

North Macedonian universities offer a wide range of specializations, particularly emphasizing administrative fields. Although the primary language of instruction is Macedonian, some distinguished universities in North Macedonia offer programs in English. You can contact Ok Temam to learn more about the education system in North Macedonia and start your educational journey.