Study in North Macedonia Step by Step

North Macedonia is an outstanding academic destination in the heart of the Balkans, boasting a perfect, merged educational environment that stimulates creativity and innovation. It’s not just a study destination but a unique country with a rich cultural history and a unique heritage. In this country of breathtaking natural beauty, where towering mountains and lush green hills meet a magnificent natural environment and a favorable climate, students from various parts of the world can study and acquire knowledge within an exceptional educational environment.

Learn the steps to enroll in higher education in North Macedonia, beginning with academic choices, navigating through admission processes, and obtaining your formal acceptance.

Firstly, select the university and program

With the help of OK TAMAM experts, you can determine the specialization that suits your interests and career aspirations. You can also get to know a range of academically distinguished universities in  North Macedonia that align with your academic ambitions and budget.

Secondly, know everything about the admission requirements

Learn the admission process for the university of your choice and the specific program you wish to pursue. Ensure you fulfill all the requirements and prepare all essential documents accordingly. 


We recommend verifying the language of study for your chosen program, as you might be required to complete a language proficiency exam such as IELTS or TOEFL. 


OK TAMAM provides essential information regarding the university and its admission requirements.

Thirdly, submit your application along with the required documents

You simply have to submit the required documents to the OK TAMAM team, who will then manage the university application process on your behalf and keep track of your application status.

The required documents include:

  •  High School Certificate (e.g., Baccalaureate or equivalent)
  • Valid Passport
  • Passport-sized Photos
  • Health Insurance
  • Birth Certificate
  • Language Proficiency Certificate

Some universities also require students to pass their own admission assessments or tests.

Fourthly, confirmation of acceptance from the university

The university administration will receive your application, carefully assess the submitted documents, and confirm that all requirements are met. You will be notified of your initial acceptance into the program following this review. 


OK TAMAM will follow up on your application and deliver the preliminary acceptance letter.

Fifthly, obtaining a student visa

International students need a visa to study in North Macedonia. To obtain the visa, you should check the visa requirements at the Macedonian Embassy or Consulate in your country or the country where you reside. 

Learn about the requirements for obtaining a student visa in North Macedonia. >> link to the article on student visas in North Macedonia 

OK TAMAM assists you in obtaining a student visa for North Macedonia as quickly as possible.

Sixthly, book your flight

Once you’ve obtained your visa, you can book your flight to North Macedonia.

Seventhly, travel and complete the final registration

Upon your arrival in North Macedonia, complete the registration procedures to obtain the final university acceptance.

Eighthly, residence permit and health insurance

Upon your arrival in North Macedonia, obtaining a student residence permit is essential to ensure your legal presence in the country. This is the step in converting your student visa into a student residence permit.

  • To secure a student residence permit, you must have health insurance.
  • A residence permit is a formal document confirming the student’s legal residence in the country they are pursuing their studies. The card includes essential information such as the student’s name, photo, identification number, and the expiration date of the residence permit