Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi

Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University

Istanbul European side
Maltepe Mahallesi, Yılanlı Ayazma Caddesi, No: 26 P.K. 34010 Cevizlibağ / Zeytinburnu / İstanbul

Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University is one of the top private Universities in Turkey. Established on February 19, 2009, in Istanbul. There are over 10 thousand students are currently enrolled in Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University. It also hires very unique and high profiles teaching members, over 718 academicians with different nationalities were selected very well by the University.

Istanbul Yeni Yuzel University is known for its high-quality medical programs and for achieving a high level of practical and professional training for students. It has a dental college and hospital, which includes 8 clinics with 60 dental units, laboratories, and central sterilization facilities, as well as a hospital for training medical students, in the Ghazi Othman district. The university also has other centers and laboratories, like the Life Sciences and Technology Laboratory and the Forensic Sciences Laboratory, to train medical students.


  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities
  • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Communications
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

In addition to, two vocational schools and three institutes for postgraduate studies, they are the Institute of Sciences, the Institute of Health Sciences, and the Institute of Social Sciences.

Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University in Numbers

  • 11 Faculties
  • 3 Institutes for Postgraduate Studies
  • 2 Vocational Schools
  • 5 University Campuses
  • 10,480 Students
  • 2,400 International Students
  • Students from 64 Countries
  • More than 300 Academic and University Professors


The university has multiple campuses on the European side of Istanbul. The main campus is located in the Topkapi district with two separate buildings, a main building and an annex one. The main building has 7 floors with an area of about 37,445 square meters, and the annex building consists of 10 floors.


Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University aims to empower and qualify its students to become scientists and experts in various fields, to work on the society development. The University aims also to become one of the most prestigious universities in the world, a center of academic excellence, in align with the Ataturk principles and reforms. Moreover, the University working towards following the global developments in the technological, technical, and scientific fields.


To educate and train high-skilled graduates becoming the perfect fit for the global jobs. The Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University pursues to become a research and development center, and a university contributing to various scientific activities.

Why Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University?

• Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University provides students with a perfect learning environment, with all the outstanding and excellence facilities
• Modern classrooms, equipped libraries with various scientific sources, a number of laboratories, workshops and well-equipped studios to provide students with practical training opportunities.
• The university graduates outstanding students in scientific research, where the university puts the scientific research on a top of its priorities. It has 8 research centers and encourages the students to conduct and publish their research projects.
• The University in cooperation with other European universities, it offers many of exchange programs as it is a member of the Erasmus program.
• The University encourages the students to participate in any of the 49 different student activities in the University.
• The study programs are offered in both languages English and Turkish. And the students can take an English preparation course.

Research Centers

Istanbul Yeni Yuzil University houses several research centers, including:

  • Scientific Research Projects Unit (BAP)
  • YENISARUM) Center for Research and Applications in Occupational Health)
  • Center for Education, Applications, and Research in Oral and Dental Health
  • YESGUM) Center for Research and Applications in Social Gerontology)
  • Center for Applications and Research in Distance Education
  • YÜTÖM) Center for Applications and Research in Teaching Turkish Language)
  • Center for Applications and Research in Professional Development
  • Technology Transfer Office
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