Higher Education System in Montenegro

Montenegro has gained a good reputation in higher education over recent years, attracting international students to its distinguished universities. This followed its rising prominence in the tourism sector, earning widespread admiration for its stunning natural landscapes of seas and black mountains. Montenegro is one of the Balkan countries located in Southeast Europe, bordered by Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Kosovo. This makes it easy for international students to visit these wonderful countries and explore Southern Europe. The higher education system in Montenegro adheres to European higher education standards, and is divided into three main stages: bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate. Let’s discuss the education system in Montenegro in detail.

Higher Education System in Montenegro

  • First stage: Bachelor’s degree (3-4 years).
  • Second stage: Master’s degree (1-2 years).
  • Third stage: Doctorate degree, the highest academic degree focused on scientific research in the form of a doctoral thesis (3 years).


Montenegro hosts top-level universities offering a range of programs in various fields. The Higher Education Quality Assurance and Monitoring Agency oversees the continuous improvement of program content, teaching methods, and training at Montenegrin universities, ensuring they meet local and international standards. Universities are also active participants in international exchange programs such as the Erasmus program funded by the European Union, which enhances cultural and academic exchanges among students in various countries.


Montenegrin universities are characterized by their reasonable tuition fees and high educational quality compared to other countries. Additionally, the lifestyle and services provided to visitors and international students make it a suitable option for academic study.

Language of study in Montenegro

Many universities in Montenegro offer numerous programs in principal languages such as Serbian and Croatian, among other Balkan languages. However, an increasing number of academic programs are offered in English, facilitating the education of international students.



Furthermore, Montenegro’s strategic location in the Balkan region makes it a unique study destination that should be leveraged, providing good opportunities for growth, international cooperation, and enhancing the quality of higher education.

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