Conditions of Obtaining A Turkish Visa for Syrians

Conditions of Obtaining A Turkish Visa for Syrians

Turkish embassies of many countries revealed the procedures and conditions of obtaining Turkish Visa for Syrian citizens. This procedure, which is varied from one country to another, will be activated on the Eighth of May. Lebanon where is the only port for the Syrian, comes at the forefront. Turkish embassy required applications and documents to be sent vie its E-mail.

The Conditions


Turkish embassy in Lebanon announced that visa application will be admitted and will be preceded by sending all required documents within the website click here

Appointment to visit the Turkish Counsel should be determined firstly by the website click here

Many Syrian families are trying to flee Damascus countryside to Turkish across Lebanon before the specified date on the eighth of January.


Turkish embassy in Qatar asked for the following documents:

  1. Six months validation passport
  2. Visa application that is available within the website click here, consular info then for foreigner section.
  3. A copy of valid residence permission.
  4. A sponsor’s speech letter indicates with salary, job, working hours and ratified bank statement of the last three months’ salary
  5. Applicant’s 50*60 size biometric photo with white background.
  6. Return ticket to Doha.
  7. Paid guarantee for hotel reservation for residence in Turkey otherwise providing a residence invitation.
  8. 220 riyals non-refundable fees that is equivalent to $ 60 per a visit and 730 riyals; equivalent to $ 200 for multi visits.

Saudi Arabia

On the other hand Turkish embassy in Saudi Arabia has not announced visa eligibility till now.

Required documents for Turkish Visa that it is announced in the embassy as following:

  1. A six months validation passport and a copy.
  2. A residence and a copy.
  3. A personal photo.
  4. A sponsor’s speech letter ratified by commercial chamber.
  5. Flight ticket reservation.
  6. Hotel reservation for residence in Turkey·
  7. Bank statement.
  8. Residence is valid only for six months.
  9. Visa application that is available within the website click here, consular info then for foreigner section.
  10. 225 KSA riyals are the visa fees that are equivalent to $ 60, in addition to apply Turkish University acceptance application.

This criterion was added by the Turkish embassy in Saudi Arabia to acquire visa. To get Turkish visa, application should be approved by the officials; which it takes almost three weeks of the revision date.


All visa applications will be applied within the website click here and will start on the fifth of January. Applicant should admit for the Turkish embassy by himself after a date.

To limit immigrations to European countries, Syrian citizen should provide a visa to enter Turkish land either by Sea or by Air, according to the Turkish foreign affairs; this will be on the Eighth of January.

Syrians, by the new provision, are able to acquire tourist or work residence as long as they have obtained a visa from any Turkish consulate around the world.

Turkey has lately, signed an agreement with European Union to confront the crises of illegal immigration.

This agreement is to accelerate Turkey’s membership negotiations in the European Union, to cancel visa procedures for Turkish citizen to be able entering European countries during the upcoming December 2016 and to be obtained €3 Milliard as an assistant fund for refugees support in return of not stopping them of immigrate to European continent. Syrian citizen are not included this agreement. In the other hand, Turkey was prohibited Syrian to get Turkish land without visa, where it will applied in a month, Syrian foreign affair said. Reciprocity will take place for the Turkish citizens as well. Turkey is the only country that remains not to impose restrictions for Syrian people, but the visa entering decision made by the Turkish government causes them to be concern. Syrian obtained asylum for another country can easily contact with their counterpart and get in Turkey with only their passports.  It is appointed that Turkey hosts 2.4 million of Syrian refugees, according to Turkish officials. In Addition to thousand where passing through Turkey as a crossing point to European countries. They cross Aegean Sea with rickety boat to one of Greek islands where it is the starting of the trip.

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