Student Visa to Study in Bosnia

Students from countries outside the European Union must obtain a student visa to travel and study in Bosnia. The visa must be obtained before travelling to Bosnia and is typically valid for one year, renewable annually, based on the duration of your academic program. But what are the steps to obtain this visa, and what are its requirements?

تأشيرة الطالب للدراسة في البوسنة

Steps to Obtain a Student Visa to Study in Bosnia

  • Obtain an initial university acceptance letter from one of Bosnia’s universities or educational institutions.
  • After securing university acceptance, you can apply for the visa through the website of the Bosnian consulate in your country of residence. Fill out the visa application with the required information, including your name, place of residence, and the purpose of your visit to Bosnia. Then, schedule an appointment with the embassy.
  • Know the required documents and ensure they are ready for submission as part of your visa application. Also, be prepared to pay the required visa fees.
  • Be present at your embassy appointment at the scheduled time, and submit the required documents and the payment receipt for the visa fees.
  • Wait for notification from the embassy regarding the status of your visa application, whether it is approved or denied.

Required Documents for Obtaining a Student Visa to Study in Bosnia

  • Student visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • initial university acceptance letter
  • Personal photo
  • Bank statement to demonstrate your financial ability to support yourself during your study period.

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