Biruni University

Biruni University

Biruni Üniversitesi


Istanbul European side


Kazlıçeşme Mh., Protokol Yolu No:45, 10. Yıl Cd., 34010 Zeytinburnu/İstanbul, Turkey

Biruni University

Biruni University is one of the Top Turkish Universities and the Ministry of the Higher Education accredits it. The University has a fascinating location in Istanbul. The University also pursues to agree with more Universities in Europe, America, Asia, Middle East and Africa by attending conferences and international events.

It should be noted that the name of the university inspired by the name of the great scientist Abu al-Rayhan al-Biruni, who is famous because of his knowledge and contributions to many fields, especially in medicine, pharmacy, astronomy, mathematics, physics, geography and history. The purpose behind choosing that name was to immortalize the name of the scientist whose name inscribed on history’s page with its knowledge and ideas, as well as its need to provide more ideas that are creative and sciences that contribute to develop the society.

Faculties of Biruni University

Biruni University includes more than 6000 students enrolled in the majors of 6 faculties and the most well-known are the medical majors. That is in addition to health services vocational school and the University includes 300 of experts & best academicians.


To become a leading university and acknowledged globally and domestically, we embrace research and services that provide valuable education, as well as offers to the students including the best training and practice opportunities in any field of healthcare in a hospital atmosphere. In addition, to train future well-qualified researchers and academicians who can conduct researches on health problems of our country.
Biruni University also aims to provide all means of support to improve the skills, therefore it has signed partnership agreements with Erasmus+ program.


Its mission is to provide a university education that can fulfill the prospects of the whole humanity through producing knowledge and applying it in healthcare areas; respectful to the diversity with the respect of people’s opinions and meeting the expectations of the students by following global standards.

Why Biruni University?

  • It offers many of practical learning opportunities and trainings in any field in the University or in any other institutions.
  •  The University concentrates on the medical specializations including medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. Therefore, it is fully equipped with all the tools and laboratories needed to teach students of medical schools and graduates of medical and pharmaceutical majors.
  • The University is constantly developing its programs, offering an innovative approach to guarantee to provide an effective academic education.
  • The university encourages students to undertake scientific research through the university’s research center.
  • The University offers cultural, artistic and sports activities for students and they can participate in competitions held by the University in these areas and win various prizes.
Department Duration (y) Language Tuition Fee
Tuition Fee
After Discount
Medicine 6 English 20000$ 17100$
Medicine 6 Turkish 17000$ 14535$
Dentistry 5 English 17000$ 14535$
Dentistry 5 Turkish 15000$ 12825$
Pharmacy 5 English 12000$ 10260$
Pharmacy 5 Turkish 10000$ 8550$
Computer Engineering 4 English 7000$ 4400$
Biomedical Engineering 4 English 7000$ 4400$
Molecular Biology & Genetics 4 English 7000$ 5355$
 Language & Pronunciation Therapy 4 English 4000$ 3510$
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4 English 6000$ 3510$
Nursing 4 English 6000$ 3510$
English Language Teaching 4 English $ Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Molecular Biology & Genetics 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
primary Mathematics teaching 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
interior architecture 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Pre-school teaching 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
special education Teaching 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Guidance & Counseling 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Child Development 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
 Language & Pronunciation Therapy 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Midwifery 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Nursing 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Audiology 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Nutrition and Dietetics 4 Turkish 4000$ 1980$
Computer Engineering 4 Turkish 4000$ 3060$
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation 4 Turkish 4000$ 3060$
Occupational Therapy 4 Turkish 4000$ 3060$

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