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Bilkent Üniversitesi – 06800 Bilkent/Ankara/TÜRKİYE

About Bilkent university

Bilkent University was established in 1984 in the Turkish capital, Ankara, by Mr. Ihsan Dogramaci through the cooperation between the Ihsan Dogramaci Foundation for Education, the Ihsan Dogramaci Foundation for Sciences and Research, and the Ihsan Dogramaci Health Foundation, to establish a distinguished center of higher education and scientific research.

The name “Bilkent” expresses the founder’s aim because it represents an abbreviation of “bilim kenti,” which means “city of science and knowledge” in Turkish. Bilkent University is one of the best Turkish universities. The university currently has about 13,000 students; most of them are international students who enroll in various majors in 10 faculties and 3 academically equipped institutes for postgraduate studies.

Bilkent University in Numbers

  • A campus covering an area of 500 hectares
  •  10 faculties
  •  3 academically equipped institutes for postgraduate studies
  •  Over 12,000 students from 73 countries around the world
  •  University professors from approximately 34 countries
  •  Exchange agreements with 347 universities worldwide
  •  90 student clubs
  •  Student housing for approximately 4,800 students
  •  Around 55,000 graduates

Bilkent University Faculties

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  2.  Faculty of Business Administration
  3.  Faculty of Economics, Administrative, and Social Sciences
  4.  Faculty of Applied Sciences
  5.  Faculty of Art, Design, and Architecture
  6.  Faculty of Education
  7.  Faculty of Humanities and Letters
  8.  Faculty of Law
  9.  Faculty of Science
  10.  Faculty of Music and Performing Arts

Bilkent University Facilities

  • Research centers
  •  Modern classrooms
  •  State-of-the-art science and engineering laboratories
  •  Art studios
  •  Computer center
  •  Health center
  •  Sports halls and a semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool
  •  Student Housing
  •  Cafeterias and restaurants
  •  Bilkent Concert Hall for the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra concerts

Why Bilkent University?

  • It includes faculty members from about 34 different countries. Most of them worked at reputable universities in North America and Europe
  •  Good communication between the faculty members and students enables students to discuss with professors and ask questions as a result of a reasonable number of students in the classrooms
  •  To enrich academic programs and research materials, Bilkent University has participated in collaborative projects and exchange programs with many international Universities in different countries such as Australia, Japan, Canada, and the United States of America
  •  The university has a career center that helps students gain the necessary skills to compete in the labor market after graduation
  •  The university has a computer center, which provides comprehensive computing services to meet all the university’s administrative, educational, and research requirements
  •  The university includes labs and scientific research laboratories equipped with the latest technologies and contains over 4000 computers
  •  The university has a graduate center, which aims to communicate with graduates in Turkey and abroad to enhance their relations with the university. The center organizes various activities and seminars, providing graduates with opportunities to explore available and anticipated job opportunities through specialized speakers in different fields who share their success stories in their professional lives
  •  Bilkent University’s library is one of the largest academic libraries in Turkey, encompassing a wide range of educational and research resources.
  •  The university established Bilkent Cyberpark, one of the most important and fastest-growing technology centers in Turkey, hosting 250 technology-based companies and five research centers
  •  The university also has a health center that offers comprehensive healthcare services to all students around the clock, seven days a week
  •  With a Social Responsibility Center, students at the university have the opportunity to participate in community projects and volunteer activities
  •  Bilkent University provides over 26 student housing buildings, offering a safe, comfortable, enjoyable, and healthy environment for more than 4,800 students

Scientific Research

Bilkent University is recognized as one of the leading universities globally, particularly in the quantity and quality of scientific publications in science and technology. The university has contributed significantly to the academic literature, with its faculty members and researchers preparing many scientific articles. These articles are made freely accessible to readers and researchers worldwide through the internet and in Bilkent University’s extensive library. The university aims to disseminate knowledge and scientific advancements on a broad scale. Bilkent University houses 9 research centers covering various fields such as nanotechnology, materials science, human rights, and many others.

Physical and Sports Activities

Bilkent University offers its students various opportunities to engage in physical education programs, including various group and individual activities and games. Through:

  • Sports hall
  •  Swimming pool
  •  Basketball courts, volleyball courts, and others for soccer
  •  Tennis courts
  •  Martial arts studio
  •  Gym
  •  Table tennis courts
  •  Squash courts
  •  Walking and running tracks
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