Ankara Science University

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Ankara Science University

Ankara Science University is one of Turkey’s newest and most innovative universities, situated in a prime location in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The university was founded to bring about real change in the education system and enhance students’ capabilities. The university prioritizes expanding students’ horizons and increasing their knowledge of future challenges through theoretical and practical approaches.

Ankara Science University aims to assist students in finding sustainable and effective solutions for societal development and creating a better life. Ankara University of Science strives for research excellence in various fields, such as information management systems, translation, and global political studies.

Ankara Science University Faculties

Faculty of Engineering & Architecture: It allows students to learn how to design, implement, and develop different kinds of machines by using innovative techniques. The students of engineering departments will have the chance to learn from experts in different engineering fields who have already worked on significant projects.

Faculty of Fine Arts & Design: It prepares the students to become more productive and teaches them how to put their creative ideas into art projects. Besides, it seeks to train them well on how to work in teams and individually with high efficiency.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences: It aims to deepen the students’ understanding of social challenges and different relationships. Also, the faculty seeks to reach the highest research levels related to social sciences, like management information systems, translation, and global research.

Faculty of Law: Where students learn about legal concepts, principles, and their applications to become talented and socially responsible legal practitioners

Student Activities

The university organizes various events and activities to prepare students for life after graduation and high academics. Some of the previous events were for different purposes, like the productivity & technology fair that was held in 2019 and V.Talks, which was one of the great seminars that brought professors, experts, and students together.

Student clubs mainly organize events and seminars under the supervision of the university’s administration. To develop the students’ mentality and improve their personal and professional skills. Recreational activities are also organized to provide students with the best entertainment and opportunities to pursue their hobbies.

Why Ankara Science University?

  • Non-traditional scientific research level to teach students modern research methodologies.
  • Encouraging students for creativity and critical thinking.
  • The university’s educational system heavily relies on innovation, urging students to think of solutions to global challenges.
  • The university cultivates in students a sense of social responsibility, emphasizing the importance of each individual playing an active role in achieving societal benefit, regardless of their field.
  • English is the adopted language of instruction.
  • Faculty members include some of the best academic professionals and experienced practitioners who have worked on significant projects and continue to contribute to the development of their communities.
  • The university has taken effective steps towards international collaboration with some countries and seeks partnerships to invigorate and develop educational activities between Turkey and other nations.
  • Participation in the Erasmus program provides students with opportunities for student exchanges.
  • A comprehensive sports center allows students to engage in their favorite sports, in addition to participating in sports teams such as basketball, handball, and tennis
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