A K Bank

On January 30, 1948, the White Bank (Ak Bank) was inaugurated in Adana. Its purpose was to finance traders involved in the cotton industry at that time. The first branch opened in Istanbul on July 14, 1950, in the Sirkeci area. By 1954, the bank’s management moved to Istanbul, and in 1963, all data was transferred to the main branch in Istanbul. In 1990, branches for ordinary citizens were opened, and partnerships were established with some Middle Eastern banks.

The bank offers retail banking services, commercial banking for enterprises and institutions, foreign exchange and financial markets services known as treasury transactions, and international banking. It also engages in activities suitable for insurance companies serving retirees and the elderly.

This bank has about 1,000 branches and employs no less than 16,500 staff members, all maintaining the same level of precision and excellence. It boasts a professional staff known for their efficiency and ability to keep pace with global advancements.

The bank is distinguished by its ongoing ability to keep up with global changes in banking loans and commercial markets, enabling it to introduce new ideas that help its clients avoid problems in their personal accounts.

In 2010, the bank achieved the highest computational capacity in Turkey, owning a strong and stable base compared to other Turkish banks, placing it at a leading position in the Turkish banking sector.

By the end of 2014, the bank achieved a rate of 14.9% according to Basel III standards, one of the highest rates. This bank has secured a position among the top 500 banks in the world four times in a row.

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