Your Guide to Free Study Abroad Opportunities

Your Guide to Free Study Abroad Opportunities

Undoubtedly, studying abroad offers numerous personal and professional benefits. However, many people cannot afford the costs of studying abroad, which include tuition and living expenses. But does it always have to be this way? The answer is no. International students can access many free or reduced-cost study abroad opportunities that help them pursue their dreams, obtain distinguished higher education, and acquire the advanced skills and experiences they aspire to. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to secure free or affordable study abroad opportunities.

What are the free study abroad opportunities?

Students can access free or reduced-cost study abroad opportunities by following one of these methods:

Studying abroad through scholarships Students can study abroad for free or at reduced costs by choosing to study through scholarships. There are two main types of scholarships: fully funded scholarships and partial scholarships.

In the case of fully funded scholarships, the sponsoring entity covers the costs of study and living, and may also provide a monthly stipend during the study period. For partial scholarships, the sponsoring entity covers some of the study costs, allowing students to study abroad at reduced tuition fees.

Types of Scholarships

Scholarships vary according to the sponsoring or funding entities as follows:

Government Scholarships: Some governments offer international students, who excel academically, the opportunity to join their universities through scholarships; this helps the country internationalize its educational sector. However, the competition among international students for these scholarships is fierce and requires academic excellence and significant extracurricular activities outside the classroom. This demonstrates students’ skills, such as communication, teamwork, and creativity, as well as their ability to participate in various campus activities and make it a vibrant place. One of the well-known government scholarships with straightforward requirements is the Turkish Government Scholarship, which you can learn all about in this article.

University Scholarships (Merit Scholarships): Many universities abroad allocate a number of scholarships annually for academically outstanding international students, such as those excelling in high school (baccalaureate). Scholarships at universities also exist for outstanding students already studying at the university who have a high GPA. These scholarships are mostly partial, but they can cover full tuition and are contingent on the student’s ongoing academic excellence.

Merit Scholarships Scholarships from Organizations and Charitable Institutions: Scholarships from organizations are academic funding grants provided by private organizations to academically excellent students or those excelling in specific artistic fields as per the organization’s interests. Charitable institution scholarships are for financially disadvantaged, academically outstanding international students who need financial support to cover their study expenses.

Now that you know about the types of free study abroad opportunities through scholarships, here are some of the best options for studying abroad at reduced costs:

Destinations with Low Living Costs You can manage your finances during your study abroad by choosing a country known for its low average living costs, including housing, food, beverages, transportation, and services. The first step you should take when considering studying abroad is to preliminarily set your budget, understand your needs, and plan your purchasing habits there. Then, research the countries you are interested in studying in and compare their living costs to your budget, choosing the most suitable destination for you and your budget.

Countries with Affordable Living Costs

  • Turkey: Known for its reasonable living costs, Turkey also offers many services such as transportation at reduced costs for students. The average cost of living in Turkey, including housing, ranges from $400 to $600 per month.
  • Bosnia: Known for its lower living costs compared to most Western European countries. The average cost of living in Bosnia ranges from 300 to 500 euros per month.
  • North Macedonia: One of the European countries with the lowest living costs. The average rent is 170 euros, and the starting average cost of living in North Macedonia is 350 euros per month.
  • Malaysia: Despite its significant technological advancement, many might expect high living costs in Malaysia. However, Malaysia is among the advanced countries with affordable living costs. Taking different students’ purchasing habits into account, the average cost of living in Malaysia is around $350 per month.
  • Uzbekistan: An emerging study destination known for its low living costs, where living expenses in Uzbekistan range from about $400 to $500 per month.

Choosing Study Programs with Suitable Costs

Studying at reduced costs When choosing your study major, you should certainly prioritize your academic interests. However, you should also plan your educational budget well. Some academic disciplines are more expensive than others. For example, some medical fields such as medicine and dentistry can be quite costly, while fields like pharmacy and physical therapy might be less expensive. Administrative and literary specializations are generally the least costly for studying abroad.

In general, you should research the educational expenses of the different disciplines you are interested in, as well as the cost of studying those disciplines in various countries and universities. The cost of study can vary significantly from one country to another and from one university to another, as well as the cost of study programs depending on the language and type of study program.

Here is the cost of studying in some of the best countries for undergraduate studies abroad:

  • Turkey: The cost of study in private Turkish universities starts from $2025 annually.
  • Malaysia: The cost of study in private Malaysian universities starts from $1657 annually.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: The cost of study starts from 3000 euros annually.
  • North Macedonia: The cost of study starts from 3000 euros annually.
  • Uzbekistan: The cost of studying medical specialties starts from $6000 annually, including student housing costs. To learn more about the cost of studying for a master’s degree abroad, click here.

By choosing to study abroad with OK TAMAM, you can get your academic seat in some of the best universities abroad. In addition, you will receive special and exclusive discounts on tuition fees up to 75% at some universities. As authorized agents for many universities worldwide, contact us to learn more about free or reduced-cost study abroad opportunities.


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