Scholarship for a Master’s degree for international students to obtain the KNB in Indonesia

This scholarship is provided by the Indonesian government for international students from developing countries and is a financial aid to obtain a Master’s degree at Indonesian universities. This scholarship aims to contribute to human resource development in developing countries, promote cultural understanding among these countries, and enhance cooperation relationships between them. The scholarship targets many countries including Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, Turkey, Iran, Cyprus, Comoros, and other countries not from the Middle East and North Africa. Required languages for study are: Indonesian, English.

Available specializations in the scholarship

Engineering Specializations
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Architectural Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Marine Engineer and Marine Engineering
• Geological Engineering
• Informatics Engineering
• Environmental
• Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
Science Specializations
• Biology
• Physics
• Geography
• Chemistry
• Remote Sensing
• Computer
• Mathematics
• Statistics
• Environmental Sciences
• Public Health
• Mathematical Sciences
• Pharmacy Studies
• Nursing

Social Science Specializations
• Public Administration
• Political Science
• Sociology
• Psychology
• Law
• Economic / Development Studies
• Communications and Media
• Studies
• International Relations
• Accounting
• Management
• Community Empowerment
Education Specializations
• Indonesian Education
• Educational Sciences
• Social Science Education
• Natural Science Education
• Elementary School Teacher Education
• Non-formal / Informal Education
• Applied Linguistics
• History of Education
• Pedagogical Education
• Educational Management
• Educational Research and Evaluation
• Vocational and Technical Education
Humanities Specializations
• Literary Studies
• Linguistics
• History
• Philosophy
• Anthropology
• Cultural Studies

Duration of study

Duration of study varies according to the chosen program
• Bachelor’s degree (maximum 48 months – 8 semesters).
• Master’s degree (maximum 24 months – 4 semesters).
• Indonesian language course (maximum 12 months).

Scholarship application conditions

• Applicant’s age must not exceed 35 years.
• Applicant must have obtained a bachelor’s degree.
• Must have an English proficiency certificate (TOEFL).
• Applicant must fill out the online application form.

Scholarship cost: Full scholarship
The scholarship covers the following:

Initially, accepted students will receive 1,250,000 Indonesian Rupiah upon arrival.
During the Indonesian language course, students will receive a monthly living allowance of 2,550,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
Students will receive the following monthly stipends:
– Book allowance of 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
– Living allowance of 2,550,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
– Research allowance of 400,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
Monthly health insurance of 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah.
Cost of round-trip travel tickets.
Scholarship application process:
Applications for the scholarship are made online via the website
Required documents for application:

Recommendation letter from the Indonesian Embassy in the applicant’s country.
Nomination letter from the Ministry of Education in the applicant’s country.
Two recommendation letters from relevant academics.
Copy of passport and/or birth certificate (scanned).
Bachelor’s degree + translated transcript.
English proficiency certificate (TOEFL).
Official medical statement providing a full diagnosis.
Application procedures:

Download the invitation letter through the scholarship website.
You must submit your passport and academic certificates to the Turkish embassy and obtain a recommendation letter.
Complete the online application process and choose the specialization.
Preliminary scholarship results will be announced on the website, and official results are revealed through the Indonesian Embassy.
The last date for registration: April 12, 2019


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