Student Residency in Malaysia

What are the procedures and steps for international students to obtain student residency in Malaysia?

The first step

The student must obtain approval from a university or institute where they wish to study and receive an offer letter.

The second step

Begin the procedures to obtain preliminary approval and complete visa application processes. For more information, you can visit the visa application steps page.

The third step

Prepare for travel and coordinate with our team at Ok Tamam Group to arrange details of the student’s travel and arrival in Malaysia to ensure they are welcomed at the airport by a representative of the university or language institute. Upon arrival, the student must undergo a comprehensive medical examination within seven days.

The fourth step

The student must submit their original passport to the university or language institute to begin the student residency procedures.

Documents required from the student for the university or language institute:

  • Original passport plus two copies of the passport with all pages
  • Acceptance letter from the university or language institute
  • Two passport-size photos with a white background (3.5 * 5 cm)
  • The passport must be valid for at least 12 months
  • Original academic documents fully authenticated by the relevant authorities from the country of the certificate and all documents must be translated and certified
  • Payment of a fee (varies by institution) averaging about 1200 Malaysian Ringgit (approximately 300 USD) for language institutes and about 1850 Ringgit (approximately 450 USD) for universities, which includes residence procedure fees. Additional fees include 110 Ringgit for the immigration department, 250 Ringgit for the medical examination, and approximately 500 Ringgit for health insurance

Renewing Student Residency in Malaysia

Students currently in Malaysia who wish to renew their student residency must follow these steps:

  • The student must submit a renewal application at least six weeks before the current residency expires.
  • Pay the transaction fees as per the immigration department’s request.
  • Undergo a medical examination within seven days from the application date. If the student already had a medical examination in Malaysia within six months prior to the renewal application, it can be submitted and accepted; otherwise, a new medical examination must be performed and its fees paid.
  • The student must submit their original passport to the university or language institute.
  • Provide a report demonstrating compliance with attendance and academic participation, maintaining at least an 80% attendance rate.
  • The student must submit a transcript of the subjects studied at the university, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0.

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