This bank was established in 1957 to meet the requirements of economic development. Since then, it has contributed to developing and applying modern banking technologies in Turkey, demonstrating high efficiency and effectiveness in customer management.

The bank provides its banking services to commercial enterprises of various levels and also serves individuals in many aspects. It is one of the leading banks in Turkey, offering banking, investment, and different capital market activities, financing both local and foreign trade, and playing a significant role in it.

This bank has branches in various parts of the world, including New York, Erbil in northern Iraq, the coast of Bahrain, Austria, Germany, and it has a branch in Northern Cyprus.

This bank has helped improve the country’s economy and continues to contribute to this effort.. Today, the bank has become a symbol of the Turkish banking sector.

The bank recorded net profits of 386.3 million Turkish Lira, equivalent to 139.2 million dollars, in the second quarter of this year.

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