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About University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is a British university recognized as a leader in education, research, innovation, and knowledge transfer among UK universities. It is an international university established in 1881 in Nottingham, UK, and opened a branch in Malaysia in 1998, welcoming its first cohort of students in 2000.

The University of Nottingham offers exceptional educational services through a highly qualified faculty team. It ranks among the top 100 universities worldwide and welcomes around 5,000 students from over 85 countries for undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degrees across various disciplines offered in English.

The university includes three main faculties: the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the Faculty of Science. These faculties include more than 20 academic disciplines taught in English.

Name: University of Nottingham Malaysia

Type of University: International

Establishment Date: 1998


The University of Nottingham’s Malaysia campus, located near Kuala Lumpur, is an integral part of the university’s main campus in the UK in terms of infrastructure quality and the exceptional educational services students receive through innovative teaching methods, student guidance during research and application, which encourages analytical thinking and strong mental skills. It is the first campus of a British university in Malaysia.

The campus in Malaysia is distinguished by various activities and services for students, including gyms, sports fields, and a large swimming pool. The university also has a medical clinic offering comprehensive healthcare to ensure student health.

Benefits of studying at the University of Nottingham in Malaysia

  • An internationally recognized British university among the top 100 universities worldwide
  • All programs are taught in English by highly qualified faculty
  • A sports center including fields, a swimming pool, and fitness gyms
  • Student activities represented by a student union and various student clubs
  • Excellent classroom education, teamwork, reading, and exploration of topics of interest to students
  • Career counseling services, advice on personal skills needed for jobs, resume and personal statement writing, and interview conduct
  • Focus on scientific research through three main centers and a research institution to enhance research in humanities and social sciences alongside efforts in the UK and China campuses and support for significant research projects

Research Centers

The University of Nottingham houses three research centers and a research institution focusing on environmental research providing solutions to epidemics, water conservation, and recycling for safe use. It also supports research ensuring the development of treatment methods using natural materials and inventing modern devices for predicting breast cancer risk for optimal treatment.

  • The Center for the Study of Communications and Culture (CSCC), attached to the School of Media, Languages, and Culture, researches communication topics and modern media to serve the community. It is the first in Malaysia to integrate local and global research communities and offer effective solutions due to rapid technological advancement.
  • The Mindset Centre for Research (UNMC) specializes in environmental science research and the social sciences’ ability to develop people’s mindsets for sustainable development and conservation of resources for the future. It also aims to initiate community activities to increase environmental awareness.
  • The Crops for the Future (CFF) Center aims to preserve agricultural crops and achieve food security for all. Since its establishment, it has collaborated with many institutions worldwide, including Italy and Sri Lanka, to increase agricultural efficiency and find more effective farming methods and crop production.


MajorYears of StudyLanguage
International Trade and Ecocomics3English
Business Administartion and Economics3English
Finance, Accounting and Management3English
International Business Administration3English
Economics and Interntaional Economics3English
Educational Arts3English
English Language and Literature3English
Economics and International Economics4English
Applied Psychology and Management3English
Global Communication Studies3English
Global Communication Studies with English Language and its literature3English
Global Communication Studies with Cinema and TV Studies 3English
Global Communication Studies with theatre arts3English
Liberal Arts3English
International Relations3English
International Relations in French3French
International Relations in Spanish3Spanish
Chemical Engineering3English
Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering3English
Civil Engineering3English
Electrical and Electronics Engineering3English
Mechatronics Engineering3English
Mechanical Engineering3English
Mathmateics and Management3English
BioMedical Sciences3English
Biomedical Sciences3English
Computer Sciences3English
Computer Sciences with Artificial Intelligence3English
Environmental Sciences3English
Pharmacy and Health Sciences3English
Biomedical Sciences3English
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