Universities in Montenegro

Montenegro is located in Southern Europe. It is well-known for its thriving tourism, which enhances recreational opportunities and distinguishes it among the Balkan countries. Additionally, Montenegro is renowned for offering facilities to attract international students to its various universities. Montenegro has a number of distinguished universities, divided into public and private Universities.

Majors in Montenegrin Universities

Montenegrin universities cover all academic disciplines, including medicine, engineering, business management, economics and finance, arts, law, humanities and social sciences, political science, information technology, and other fields.

Language of Study in Montenegrin Universities

The universities offer their academic programs at all degree levels (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate) in Montenegrin and English, giving students the freedom to choose and study in the language they prefer. Furthermore, if a student is interested in languages, they can learn the languages of Montenegro’s neighboring countries in Southern Europe, such as Albanian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Serbian, and Bosnian.

Education Level in Montenegrin Universities

The education systems in Montenegro align with European and international standards, which assists international students in securing good job opportunities after graduating from Montenegrin universities. In addition, Montenegrin universities continuously develop their academic programs and teaching methods to be more effective, enabling students to achieve the best results.


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