UDS Test

Üniversitelerarası Kurul Yabancı Dil Sınavı

Interuniversity Board Foreign Language Exam

Overview of the UDS Test

This test is specifically designed to qualify postdoctoral students, as stipulated in Turkish law. However, it also allows undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies (Master’s and PhD) to qualify for obtaining the necessary foreign language certification for those studies. Students must first consult the universities where they aspire to study for their Master’s or PhD to inquire whether this certification is accepted.

Sections of the UDS Test

The exam covers various fields such as science, social sciences, and medicine, and is available in several languages including English, German, French, Arabic, Greek, Persian, Spanish, and Italian.

Question areasNumber of questionsapplicants for the final admission examAdmitted
Scientific materials (English)8032.64730.808
Medical Materials (English)8016.19214.844
Social Materials (English)8033.66831.418

Foreign language testing at university level

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