Turkish Citizenship – Important Questions and Answers

As mentioned earlier, on September 18, 2018, a decision was issued to amend the executive regulations of the Turkish Citizenship Law, which was announced in the Official Gazette on September 19, 2018.

We have received many questions and inquiries regarding these amendments from those interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship, and we decided to collect them here on this page for everyone’s benefit.

Turkish Citizenship - Questions and Answers

According to the provisions of the law, immovable property must be purchased for an amount equivalent to 250,000 USD or more after September 18, 2018, which is considered the date of issuance of the new amendments to the Turkish Citizenship Law. If the property was purchased previously, its value must be one million dollars.

The person’s wife and their children under 18 can obtain Turkish citizenship, but children over 18 years old or the parents of the person obtaining Turkish citizenship cannot. However, they can apply for permanent residence in Turkey.

If a person is married to more than one wife, they must choose only one wife to obtain Turkish citizenship. They are required to get the second wife’s consent through a notary public (Noter).

It is not necessary to purchase the property in foreign currency (dollars), but the value of the property paid in foreign currency will be calculated at the exact value of the foreign currency on the day of purchase. For example: If you made the purchase on 04/10/2018 and paid in Turkish lira when applying for citizenship, the price will be calculated based on the currency’s exchange rate on the same day of the purchase.

The property’s value is determined by some accredited institutions approved by the state and authenticated by the Turkish Capital Markets Board. This is done after applying to obtain Turkish citizenship. An appointment is scheduled with one of these companies, which in turn provides a report on the property’s actual value.

You can contact us to avail our services regarding real estate purchases, as the OK TAMAM Group evaluates the property intended for purchase in collaboration with one of these companies before starting the buying procedures.

Afterward, a lawyer from the OK TAMAM Group will accompany you to the Tapu Directorate (Turkish Land Registry Office) to formalize and obtain an official document confirming that the property will not be sold for three years.

You cannot sell the property before three years from the date of your commitment not to sell, and the state will not allow you to sell under any circumstances. Please note that you can sell the property to a Turkish or foreign individual after three years without any issues.

One of the essential requirements and necessary documents is the title deed, so you cannot apply for citizenship if the title deed (Tapu) is not issued.

Yes, that’s possible. The key point is that your property ownership must be registered after September 18, 2018, the date of the law amendments.

Yes, the Turkish government allows dual citizenship. However, whether dual citizenship is allowed depends on the laws of your original country.

The currency does not have to be in Turkish lira. According to the law, any currency equivalent to this amount is acceptable. The only condition is that the amount must be deposited in one of the banks operating in Turkish territory and kept there for three years with the reservation of this amount.

The matter is up to the bank! What matters to the state here is the document freezing the amount. So, if the bank agrees to this procedure, there is no harm because no part of this amount has been withdrawn.

If you have deposited the amount in an interest-free accountno taxes will be deducted. However, if the amount is in an interest-bearing account, taxes will be calculated on the interest, which is 22% of the annual interest. Please note that this figure may change anytime depending on economic factors.

According to Turkish law, individuals with a fixed capital of $500,000 can apply for Turkish citizenship. However, this amount must be invested and spent on essential materials such as buildings and machinery that can be used for investment and production within Turkey.

Yes, that’s correct. Each partner’s share must be $500,000 to be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

A law has not yet been issued regarding the designation of Turks and the method of calculating their social security contributions to obtain Turkish citizenship. Any information will be announced as soon as it becomes available.

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