The tax number in Turkey

The tax number in Turkey is one of the most important official documents in Turkey. If you are in Turkey, especially if you want to conduct any legal or official transactions such as establishing a company in Turkey or opening a bank account in Turkey, it is necessary to obtain a tax number, known in Turkish as Vergı Numarası.

This tax number can be obtained regardless of whether you have an official residence in Turkey, allowing any foreigner in Turkey to easily obtain this number with their passport.

How to obtain the tax number in Turkey?

  1. A copy of the passport valid for at least 6 months.
  2. Go to the nearest tax office in your area and request this number from the relevant officer.

You can find the nearest tax center in Istanbul through the following link: [here]

After verifying the passport, the officer will enter your information into the tax department’s system and then write your tax number on a card and give it to you. Please keep your tax number safe and keep a copy of it on your mobile or laptop.

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