Study Psychology Abroad

Study Psychology Abroad

Psychology delves into the profound comprehension of emotions and thoughts that shape human behavior. Opting to pursue psychology studies abroad can be an exhilarating academic journey, as universities worldwide offer various advanced and diverse educational programs in psychology. Many students with a keen interest in the intricacies of psychology and those driven to aid individuals in surmounting mental illnesses and psychological traumas opt for a psychology curriculum. If you are pursuing the study of psychology abroad, this article will furnish you with vital insights into studying psychology and the career prospects it offers.

Importance of Studying Psychology Abroad

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one out of every eight individuals worldwide grapples with a mental disorder. These disorders encompass various disturbances in thinking, behavior, or emotional regulation.

Unfortunately, a substantial portion of the population does not receive effective psychological care, often due to societal prejudices and stigmas associated with these conditions. This underscores our relative lag in comprehending personal and psychological disorders. Observations of psychological disorders trace back to the 18th century when Philippe Pinel observed a group of patients exhibiting irrational behavior despite maintaining contact with reality. This observation constitutes one of the initial attempts to describe what we now refer to as personality disorders.

It wasn’t until the early 20th century that an in-depth exploration of psychological disorders, their origins, and descriptions commenced. More severe mental disorders transformed their descriptions as psychology advanced, such as bipolar disorder, formerly known as manic depression.

Mental health significantly influences overall physical well-being and how the body confronts grave ailments like cancer. Numerous studies have indicated that positive mental health can mitigate the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Depression has also been linked to several chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, asthma, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, schizophrenia has been associated with an elevated risk of heart and respiratory conditions.

Why you should study Psychology Abroad?

Psychology significantly influences diverse facets of life, spanning education, healthcare, human resources, and web design. The study of psychology facilitates a more profound and enhanced comprehension of the underlying reasons for human behaviors and general cognition.

It addresses fundamental questions, including the factors shaping our personalities, the determinants of our actions and emotions, and our growth and development across different life stages.

Embarking on psychology studies opens up a plethora of career prospects. You can work as a mental health counselor in healthcare settings, such as hospitals or mental health centers, assisting individuals in overcoming life traumas and addiction issues or enhancing their behavior. Throughout your psychology studies, you will also amass invaluable skills and knowledge, encompassing research capabilities, effective communication, and a grasp of human motivations. These competencies can be effectively applied in human resources, managerial roles, marketing, and public relations.

Career Opportunities for Psychology Graduates:

A psychology degree equips you for various positions and fields, encompassing clinical and counseling psychology, organizational psychology, and special education. You can delve into:

  • Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Special Education

With OK TAMAM, you can embark on your journey toward realizing your dream of studying psychology abroad, securing university admission without application fees, and accessing special tuition fees discounts. All it takes is reaching out to us to get started.


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