Seker Bank

Seker Bank was established in Eskisehir in 1953 under the name of the Cooperative Association of Beet Growers, with the goal of enhancing the financial capacity of the sugar industry and agriculture by collecting funds from beet producers. When the bank moved to Ankara, it adopted the name Seker Bank in 1956.

In 1997, the bank split its shares, and in 2004, it moved its headquarters to Istanbul.

The bank continued its operations in the banking services sector for individuals and medium and low-income commercial institutions in trade and agriculture.

Through the support it provided to investors in this field and in order to reach the largest number of customers, it positioned itself as a key bank in Turkey.

66% of its branches are located in the Anatolian plateau, where it serves farmers and shop owners through a network of branches spread there and through the information it has collected over time.

The bank has 301 branches throughout Turkey and 11 centers (three of which are in Istanbul and eight in Anatolia), and it also has one foreign representative. Additionally, it has 98 centers distributed in 71 cities.

Seker Bank is considered the leading bank in Turkey in the field of microfinance. In 2011, the bank established an important financial bridge between companies and medium and small-income institutions in Turkey, parallel to international and global standards, through the issuance of a “guaranteed securities system for small and medium-income companies.”

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