A Brief Overview of the SAT Test

The SAT is a globally recognized test conducted by the College Board and stands for Scholastic Assessment Test

There are two types of SAT exams:

Type One:

This is the common type required by some Turkish universities as a fundamental criterion in the selection process among international applicants. It includes two main subjects: Mathematics and English Language.

Type Two:

This test focuses on a specific subject from a total of 19 specialties and is accepted by a very limited number of Turkish universities.

Changes are made annually to the test, but these are more about the testing policy and scoring methods rather than changes in the curriculum.

Generally, the test consists of three sections:

Mathematics Section

This section includes relatively simple topics compared to the general high school curriculum in various Arab countries. However, the challenge may come from the limited time allowed to answer each question, which is approximately one minute and twenty-five seconds. However, as time is divided among all the questions, you are not strictly bound to this time for each question as you can quickly solve easier questions and save time for the more difficult ones. The mathematics questions cover:

Critical Reading Section

This part of the test can be challenging as it includes vocabulary from various humanities, including literary novels, social sciences, and natural sciences, which might be unfamiliar to most students, even those proficient in English. For example, in a SAT preparation lecture in the USA, a lecturer told the students not to worry if they encounter many unfamiliar terms; they could still grasp the general meaning without understanding every single word, which is particularly useful for native English speakers.

Writing Section:

This section mainly focuses on English grammar, with most questions aimed at improving a specific text through multiple-choice options to modify or keep sentences as they are. Also, the essay part of this section is mandatory in the test. Students can decide to include the essay when registering for the test online, and it has a separate score from the writing score.

Important Information for Students Applying to Turkish Public Universities:

  • Turkish universities focus on the Mathematics and Reading sections as prerequisites for competing for places in their colleges and departments. They require a certain combined score from these two sections as a minimum requirement for application and entry into the competition.

  • The ideal preparation time for the test ranges from 4-7 months.


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