Moving and Living in Turkey

Turkey is one of the best countries for living and settling, owing to several factors, including:

  • Political and social stability, making Turkey a fertile ground for foreigners from all over the world. Additionally, Turkish people are known for their friendliness, hospitality, and welcoming of foreigners
  • Recent economic growth due to investments and infrastructure development attracted approximately $15 billion in foreign investment
  • Protection of foreigners’ rights without any racism or discrimination between a foreigner and a Turkish citizen
  • Turkey is an Islamic country with an Arab-Islamic character, which attracts many Arabs to study, invest, settle, and live.

Within this framework, we answer all inquiries about life in Turkey, residency, living costs, job opportunities for Arabs, and studying in Turkey through this page.

Real Estate Residence in Turkey

This type of residency is issued for property owners and qualifies them for citizenship. It only requires owning property to obtain residency. The residency is granted to property owners and is called "Tabu Residency," a property ownership deed in Turkey. Once the homeowner receives the tabu (property ownership deed), they are eligible to apply for real estate residency, which lasts for one year and can be renewed if the property is not sold.

Student Residence in Turkey

This residency is issued for students, whether university or school students. The procedures are simple, requiring only enrollment in a university, school, or institute. Students can obtain this residency once they join the university. It is not required to enter Turkey through a student visa; holders of tourist visas can also obtain student residency if they receive final acceptance from a university, Turkish language institute, or school in Turkey.

Work Residence in Turkey

This is one of the best types of residencies in Turkey, qualifying you and your family for citizenship. It is issued for business owners and employees in Turkey. Work residency gives citizenship to its holders if they stay in Turkey for five years without leaving for more than 180 days during those five years. Work residency is obtained by the husband, wife, and children under 18.

Tourist Residence in Turkey

This residency is issued for those who wish to stay in Turkey for a year or two to explore the country and search for investment opportunities. It does not qualify for citizenship. Tourist residency is a temporary residency granted to those who wish to stay in Turkey for a year or two. It is one of the residences that does not grant citizenship to its holders and cannot include family members; it is a separate residence for each family member.

Living and Housing Costs

Living costs vary depending on the city chosen by the resident. For example, living expenses at a decent standard in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara can reach approximately $700 monthly. This amount may vary depending on personal preferences. It is considered an average amount compared to living costs in the United States and most European countries. Arab residents can rely on Arabic products available in Turkish markets, such as Arabic bread, rice, and spices. There are also several restaurants offering authentic Arabic cuisine at reasonable prices.

Best and Cheapest Cities to Reside in Turkey 

Most cities in Turkey boast natural beauty and a warm living environment. Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa are among Turkey’s most beautiful tourist cities. As for the cheapest cities to live in Turkey, which expatriates may consider initially, they include Mersin, Konya, and Hatay, which offer charming nature and significantly lower living standards but are far from the capital.

Job Opportunities for Arabs in Turkey 

Turkey is an attractive destination for various nationalities, creating more job opportunities in various institutions, companies, and factories in Turkey. For example, job opportunities for expatriates in Turkey include translation. If you know Turkish and can speak it fluently, you can find more than one job. There are also many opportunities to work in various engineering specialties in sites and companies, whose numbers are increasing daily. There are also multiple opportunities to work in management, public relations, and marketing in tourist cities and work in restaurants, cafes, and hotels, which require many young people to meet their needs.

Traveling and Studying in Turkey 

Thousands of students come to Turkey annually to study at its distinguished universities. Many Turkish universities have achieved high rankings globally, attracting students worldwide due to their advanced education system, modern curricula, and practical training in well-equipped laboratories. 

Among the best cities for students is Istanbul, a city that combines Western development with Arab authenticity. It hosts some of the most distinguished Turkish universities, such as Bahcesehir University, Kadir Has University and Altinbas University. Ankara is also frequently chosen by students, being one of the liveliest Turkish cities.

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