University Technology Malaysia (UTM)

Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Jalan Iman, 81310 Skudai, Johor, Malaysia

About University Technology Malaysia (UTM)

University Technology Malaysia (UTM), Established in 1972, is a globally recognized academic and research institution excelling in science, technology, and engineering. It strives for leadership in developing talents and innovative technologies to contribute to global development and prosperity. UTM is renowned in Malaysia for its excellence in engineering and technology, providing a rich educational environment with state-of-the-art facilities, training centers, sports facilities, and social amenities. Additionally, it offers on-campus student accommodation for talented students from around the world.

The university comprises seven Faculties: the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying, the Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, the Azman Hashim International Business School, and the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT). Moreover, it boasts a well-equipped set of laboratories, including chemical analysis labs, nuclear magnetic resonance lab, X-ray lab, and thermal analysis lab.

University Name in English: University Technology Malaysia

Official Abbreviation: UTM

Type: Public

Establishment Year: 1972


  1. Main Campus: Located in Johor Bahru, it features advanced educational facilities and accommodations capable of housing over 14,000 students. The campus offers single and double-occupancy rooms with well-equipped units and easy access to IT facilities and the Internet. It also includes cafeterias, prayer rooms for Muslims, tennis courts, and a shop.
  2. Kuala Lumpur Campus: Situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, spanning 47.56 acres, this semi-autonomous campus offers pioneering programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels through its faculties: the Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics (FTIR), the Azman Hashim International Business School (AHIBS), and the Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT). Additionally, some of these faculties provide part-time executive programs for working professionals. This campus also houses the Innovation and Commercialization Center (ICC) and the School of Graduate Studies (SPS).
  3. Pagoh Campus: Hosting the Faculty of Engineering, this campus offers specializations including Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Additionally, the Center for Engineering Education (CEE), established in 2010, aims to enhance the quality of engineering education, elevate it at all levels, and develop important research and innovative scientific practices in engineering education. It is the first center in Asia to offer a Ph.D. in Engineering Education since 2007, with support from some universities in the United States and Denmark.

Why UTM?

  • Committed to providing top-tier academic, research, and interactive programs to prepare students for challenges and seize distinctive career opportunities
  • Among the top Malaysian universities in engineering disciplines, ranking within the top 50 globally
  • Hosts a significant number of international students, especially from Arab countries
  • Boasts over 1400 teaching staff comprising professors and specialists across various disciplines offered by the university
  • Ranked among the top 187 universities globally according to the 2021 World University Rankings
  • Emphasizes scientific research, focusing on significant research areas such as Ship Emissions Management Systems (SEMS), Nano-biotechnology for organic food, and intelligent learning applications to enhance the learning process
  • Provides various student activities aimed at developing students’ personalities, problem-solving skills, communication, teamwork, organizational management, and responsibility
  • An outstanding university in science and technology fields offering multi-disciplinary programs at an international level
  • Offers over 100 student clubs organizing activities, competitions, seminars, and camps
  • Houses a Sports Excellence Unit dedicated to enhancing sports and recreational activities at the university by organizing training programs and competitions and promoting student health awareness

Bachelor’s Specializations

SpecializationDuration of StudyLanguage
Civil Engineering4English
Mechanical Engineering4English
Mechanical Engineering (Materials)4English
Mechanical Engineering (Industrial)4English
Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)4English
Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace)4English
Mechanical Engineering (Automotive)4English
Marine Architecture and Marine Engineering4English
Electrical Engineering4English
Electronics Engineering4English
Electrical Engineering – Mechatronics4English
Biomedical Engineering4English
Chemical Engineering4English
Petroleum Engineering4English
Biochemical and Polymer Engineering4English
Energy Engineering4English
Electronic Systems Engineering4English
Precision Mechanical Engineering4English
Chemical and Environmental Engineering4English
Technology Management4English
Software Engineering (International Malaysian Japanese Institute of Technology)4English
Software Engineering4English
Data Engineering4English
Graphics and Multimedia Programming4English
Computer Science (Networking and Security)4English
Computer and Network Security4English
Biological Sciences4English
Quantity Surveying4English
Urban and Regional Planning4English
Landscape Architecture4English
Geomatics Engineering4English
Information Systems4English
Land Management and Development4English
Real Estate4English
Building Construction4English
Electrical and Electronics4English
Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Education)4English
Design and Technology4English
Teaching English Language4English
Islamic Studies4English
Sports Science4English
Mathematics (Faculty of Education)4English
Physics (Faculty of Education)4English
Chemistry (Faculty of Education)4English
Human Resource Development4English
Psychology with Human Resource Development4English
Management (Technology)4English
Industrial Design4English

master’s specializations 

Civil EngineeringEnglish
Geotechnical EngineeringEnglish
Hydraulics and HydrologyEnglish
Structural EngineeringEnglish
Forensic Medicine EngineeringEnglish
Project ManagementEnglish
Construction ManagementEnglish
Environmental ManagementEnglish
Industrial EngineeringEnglish
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish
Marine TechnologyEnglish
Biomedical EngineeringEnglish
Wireless Communications and NetworksEnglish
Computer and Microelectronics SystemsEnglish
Electrical PowerEnglish
Mechatronics and Automation ControlEnglish
Electronics and CommunicationsEnglish
Electrical EngineeringEnglish
Gas EngineeringEnglish
Petroleum EngineeringEnglish
Environmental EngineeringEnglish
Chemical EngineeringEnglish
Biochemical EngineeringEnglish
Polymer EngineeringEnglish
Software EngineeringEnglish
Geomatics EngineeringEnglish
Polymer TechnologyEnglish
Energy ManagementEnglish
Herb TechnologyEnglish
Operations Factory ManagementEnglish
Safety, Health, and EnvironmentEnglish
Chemistry (Faculty of Engineering)English
Operations Factory ManagementEnglish
Rehabilitation TechnologyEnglish
Biological SciencesEnglish
Data ScienceEnglish
Information SecurityEnglish
Innovative ComputingEnglish
Computer ScienceEnglish
Engineering EducationEnglish
General Master Program (Engineering)English
Chemistry (Faculty of Education)English
Curriculum and Teaching MethodsEnglish
Education and DevelopmentEnglish
Educational PsychologyEnglish
Educational TechnologyEnglish
Guidance and CounselingEnglish
Organization and Management in EducationEnglish
Mathematics EducationEnglish
Measurement and EvaluationEnglish
Teaching English LanguageEnglish
Technical and Vocational EducationEnglish
Curriculum and TeachingEnglish
Education and LearningEnglish
Philosophical EducationEnglish
Educational Technology and LearningEnglish
Organization and Management in EducationEnglish
Multimedia EducationEnglish
Online LearningEnglish
Early Childhood EducationEnglish
Human Resource DevelopmentEnglish
Halal SciencesEnglish
Language in Communication and Digital CultureEnglish
Asset and Facility ManagementEnglish
Construction Contract ManagementEnglish
Geographic InformationEnglish
Land Management and DevelopmentEnglish
Real EstateEnglish
Remote SensingEnglish
Tourism PlanningEnglish
Transportation PlanningEnglish
Urban and Regional PlanningEnglish
Entrepreneurship in Information TechnologyEnglish
Information Technology ManagementEnglish
Forensic SciencesEnglish
Chemistry (Faculty of Science)English
Physics (Faculty of Science)English
Mathematics (Faculty of Science)English
Mathematical EngineeringEnglish
Forensic SciencesEnglish
Biological SciencesEnglish
Business ManagementEnglish
Food in Processing InnovationEnglish
Occupational Safety and Health Management (Executive Master)English
Computer Systems EngineeringEnglish
Business Intelligence and AnalyticsEnglish
Information AssuranceEnglish
Technology Policy and InnovationEnglish
Engineering Business ManagementEnglish
Engineering EducationEnglish
Engineering DesignEnglish
Sustainable Urban DesignEnglish
Professional SciencesEnglish
Sustainable InfrastructureEnglish
Industrial DesignEnglish
Disaster Risk ManagementEnglish
Sustainable SystemsEnglish
Technology Management and InnovationEnglish
Sustainability and Environmental SciencesEnglish
Electronic Systems EngineeringEnglish

doctoral specializations 

Electrical EngineeringEnglish
Biomedical EngineeringEnglish
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish
Construction Technology and ManagementEnglish
Gas EngineeringEnglish
Polymer EngineeringEnglish
Environmental EngineeringEnglish
Petroleum EngineeringEnglish
Chemical EngineeringEnglish
Biological Process EngineeringEnglish
Software EngineeringEnglish
Computer ScienceEnglish
Health SciencesEnglish
Engineering EducationEnglish
General Doctoral Program (Engineering)English
Curriculum and TeachingEnglish
Education and DevelopmentEnglish
Philosophical EducationEnglish
Educational Technology and LearningEnglish
Guidance and CounselingEnglish
Organization and Management in EducationEnglish
Mathematics EducationEnglish
Measurement and EvaluationEnglish
Multimedia EducationEnglish
Online LearningEnglish
Early Childhood EducationEnglish
Jurisprudence and TechnologyEnglish
Research Doctorate (Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying)English
Chemistry (Faculty of Science)English
Physics (Faculty of Science)English
Mathematics (Faculty of Science)English
Biological SciencesEnglish
Business AdministrationEnglish
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