majors new media

New media offers fresh spaces for self-expression and widespread participation in public discussions on various social, economic, and political issues. It makes global news and issues more accessible to local communities.

Curriculum of the New media major

The content of the academic program for a New Media major varies by university. Therefore, you can learn about the specifics of the courses offered each academic year by visiting the website of the university you are interested in. Below is an example from one university regarding the content of the academic program for a New Media major.

First Academic Year

  • Communication Skills
  • Introduction to New Media
  • Photography
  • Media and Communication Theories
  • Sociology
  • Turkish Language and Literature
  • Basics of Psychology
  • Art, Culture, and Society

Second Academic Year

  • Digital Journalism
  • Media Technology
  • Technical Skills in New Media
  • History of Media
  • New Media and Broadcast Journalism
  • Computer and New Media Skills
  • Digital Media Ethics
  • Youth Culture and Media

Third Academic Year

  • Convergent Journalism
  • Some elective courses

Fourth Academic Year

  • Graduation Project
  • Media Types
  • Summer Internship

Example: Click here to learn about the academic program content for the New Media major at Istanbul Aydin University

Career Opportunities for Graduates of New Media

  • Journalists and Editors
  • Critics
  • Journalism Consultants
  • Media Personnel
  • Social Media Experts
  • Digital Entrepreneurs
  • Employment in online news agencies and digital and social media agencies
  • Work in traditional and digital magazines
  • Work in TV and radio stations
  • Work in advertising agencies
  • Work in publishing houses and film production and distribution institutions

Prominent Turkish Universities Offering New Media

  • Nisantasi University
  • Bilkent University
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Bahcesehir University Istanbul
  • Istanbul Aydin University
  • Istanbul Medipol University
  • Kadir Has University
  • Istanbul Gelisim University

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