Living Costs in Montenegro

By choosing to study in one of the most enchanting Balkan countries, Montenegro, you are setting yourself up for a unique educational and life experience. Here, you will receive a European standard of university education at an affordable cost, alongside living in a country with a rich culture and incomparable natural beauty. To plan your personal budget during your studies in Montenegro, it is important to know the living costs, which are generally reasonable compared to other European countries or the USA. Join us as we explore the main living costs in Montenegro.

Living Costs in Montenegro

Living costs in Montenegro can vary significantly from one student to another, depending on the city where they study and their personal lifestyle, which means the average living costs can differ greatly. But generally, here are the main living costs in Montenegro that you should be aware of.

Factors of Living Costs in Montenegro

Housing Cost

Students can reside in university dormitories at an average cost, which often saves them transportation and food expenses as these residences are located within or near the university campuses and often include food services. Students can also choose private student housing, offering various accommodation options at a reasonable cost. For private apartments, students can rent a studio or an apartment at a cost ranging from 350 to 500 euros per month, with utility costs starting at around 50 euros per month. The cost varies depending on whether the housing is located outside or near the city center.

Food Cost

Montenegro offers a variety of food options and restaurants, with costs varying significantly. The cost of a meal can start from 8 to 10 euros and range between 20 and 40 euros in upscale restaurants and tourist areas. Students can also buy their weekly groceries and cook for themselves, which can significantly reduce food costs. Grocery expenses for a week can range from 30 to 50 euros.

Public Transportation Cost

Public transportation in Montenegro includes buses, taxis, and trains, with varying costs. The cost of a monthly public transport pass can differ from one city to another, but generally starts from 15 to 25 euros.

All the mentioned costs are approximate and subject to change.


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