Halk Bank

Halkbank, a government bank, was established in 1933 and began offering its services in 1938, opening branches that provided direct loans the same year. The goal of its establishment was to gather capital and attract professional entrepreneurs to maintain community safety and establish a strong economic system. The bank began to expand its services throughout Turkey in 1964. However, it was on the verge of bankruptcy when Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took over the government in 2002, but by 2013, it became the seventh-largest bank in Turkey in terms of assets. It contributed to the Turkish economic renaissance and played other significant roles, including acting as a link for Iranian oil interests under the embargo imposed by the United States and its allies.

Today, Halkbank continues to provide its services at all its centers and branches throughout Turkey, as well as internationally, in coordination with its representatives and employees.

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