Getting a Turkish Driving License Step by Step: Sürücü Belgesi

Your Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining and Replacing a Turkish Driving License

  • This topic will be updated in case there are any changes to Turkish laws regarding driving licenses.
جسر البوسفور

Obtaining a driving license in Turkey has become essential for car owners and foreign drivers in Turkey. If you have been residing in Turkey for more than six months and wish to drive legally, you must obtain a Turkish driving license.

Turkish law stipulates that you must be at least 18 years old to obtain a driving license for vehicles and 17 years old for motorcycles.

You can use the driving license obtained from your country after translating it and getting it notarized for six months from your date of entry into Turkey, according to the official website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After that, you must apply to replace your foreign driving license with a Turkish one to drive legally.

Sometimes, traffic police may overlook this law, but in the event of an accident, you will be charged with driving illegally. Moreover, you cannot obtain car insurance, and Turkish insurance companies will not pay compensations if you drive with an international driving license. Reputable car rental companies also do not allow you to rent without a valid legal license.

Firstly: Obtaining a Turkish Driving License

Requirements and documents needed to obtain a Turkish driving license:

A crucial requirement for foreigners to obtain a driving license in Turkey is having a valid residence permit from the time of application until the license is received or a temporary protection card with a national number for refugees.

Documents required for a Turkish driving license:

  • A copy of the residence permit or temporary protection card.
  • A translated and notarized copy of the academic certificate (Noter).
  • A medical report specifically for the driving license, obtainable only from public hospitals for foreigners (sürücü olur sağlık raporu), and you must bring 3 personal photos.
  • A criminal record obtained from the judiciary or online through government websites linked to the relevant ministry (sabıka sorgulama).
  • Four recent biometric photos with a white background.

Submit all the above documents to driving schools along with a fee of about 1500 Turkish Lira for a training course. The school then sets a date for the start of the course, which the applicant must join. Practical training is also provided during the course.

After completing the course, the individual undergoes a test related to what was learned in the course, consisting of multiple-choice questions, with 50 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. You must pass this test with a score of at least 70%.

After passing the theoretical exam and the results are out, a date for the practical driving exam is set. The school is responsible for scheduling both the theoretical and practical exams.

If the individual passes the theoretical exam but fails the practical exam, they can retake the practical exam only without needing to retake the theoretical exam again.

Afterward, the school directs you to a bank to deposit 520 Turkish Lira for the driving license fee, and then you attach the payment receipt with the documents.

Subsequently, a date will be set by the security center of your residence area, and you must attend on the scheduled date with the documents obtained from the school, including the training course success document. You will receive a temporary driving license valid for one month until you get the final license.

Note: The theoretical exam fee is 70 Lira, and the practical exam fee is 80 Lira.

Note: The total validity of the license is 10 years.

Secondly: Converting the Original Driving License to Turkish

Conversion of a driving license obtained from another country is allowed provided it is valid. Certain countries are allowed to convert their driving licenses to Turkish ones under the Traffic and Roads Convention, and these countries can be reviewed through the following link:

[List of countries joined to the Traffic and Roads Convention]

Note that most Arab countries are not signatories to the convention, except for Bahrain, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Qatar, and Kuwait.

Steps to convert the driving license:

  • First, prepare the following documents:
    • A translated and notarized driving license.
    • A certificate of good conduct from the judiciary.
    • A colored copy of the original license.

Submit these documents to the traffic department at your local security directorate (Trafik hizmetleri başkanlığı).

After submitting the conversion request, the relevant authorities will give you a serial number to enter on their website to check the result of your application, whether accepted or rejected.

Click here to visit the website.

The authorities will review the license with the home country and verify its authenticity. This process might take a relatively long time, so try to follow up on the result through the official website using the serial number you received.

Once you have received approval for the conversion, you must prepare the following documents:

  • The translated and notarized original driving license.
  • 4 photographs.
  • Blood type card.
  • A special medical report for driving.
  • A copy of your residence permit.

You will need to pay about 60 Lira to obtain the Turkish driving license.


Thirdly: International Driving License

You can use the international driving license as long as it is valid, but it cannot be converted to a local license.


Driving Exam Dates in Turkey for 2018:






For the Turkish driving license, there are several categories:

  • A1: Allows the holder to drive motorcycles.
  • A2: Allows the holder to drive scooters.
  • B: Allows the holder to drive cars, minibuses, and pickups.
  • C: Allows the holder to drive trucks.
  • D: Allows the holder to drive tow trucks.
  • E: Allows the holder to drive buses.
  • F: Allows the holder to drive tractors.
  • G: Allows the holder to drive engineering vehicles with engines.
  • H: Allows the holder to drive vehicles for the disabled.
  • K: Given to individuals wishing to learn to drive


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