Doğuş University

Istanbul Asian side
Hasanpaşa Mah., Zeamet Sok. No:21, 34722 Acıbadem Kadıköy/Kadıköy/İstanbul

About Doğuş University

Since its establishment in 1997, Dogus University has continued to empower its students by providing them with world-class education and training to become pioneers in their fields. Dogus University is located in Istanbul on the Asian side and is popular because of its accreditation by some Arab countries and the European Union. The university has nearly 11,000 students, including numerous international students from various nationalities, and it is a member of the Erasmus+ program for student exchange.

Dugush University strives to become globally renowned for its excellence in education, research, and community contribution. Through conducting research studies that contribute to the development of society in the fields of science, technology, arts, and culture, the university aims to enhance students’ awareness and intellectual identity, fostering their ability to seek innovative solutions to various problems.

Dogus University in Numbers

  • Two campuses
  • Five colleges
  • Academic Institute for Postgraduate Studies
  • School of Health Sciences
  • Vocational School
  • 35 Bachelor’s programs
  • 36 Diploma programs
  • 11,000 students
  • 16,000 graduates
  • 5 research and application centers
  • 58 student clubs
  • 115 multimedia-supported classrooms

Faculties of Dogus University

  1. Faculty of Engineering
  2. Faculty of Arts and Design
  3. Faculty of Arts – Sciences
  4. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  5. Faculty of Law

Facilities at Dogus University

Dogus University has two campuses: Dudullu Campus and Cengelkoy Campus.

Dudullu Campus

  • 124 classrooms
  • 38 laboratories
  • 9 workshops
  • Drawing room and 5 reading rooms
  • Kitchen for culinary arts
  • Library
  • Two sports halls
  • Dining hall and 3 cafeterias
  • Health center

Cengelkoy Campus

  • 101 classrooms
  • 4 auditoriums
  • Conference hall
  • 20 laboratories
  • 3 studios and workshop area
  • Library and reading room

Why Dogus University?

  • High academic quality and advanced programs in various disciplines
  • Study in English alongside Turkish
  • Exceptional application and training opportunities with well-equipped labs for various specialties
  • Professional training opportunities for students during their studies, along with career counseling services
  • Students have the chance to participate in research projects under the supervision of top university professors and scientists
  • The university’s library serves as the heart of the institution, providing students and researchers with various printed, electronic, audio, and visual resources. It also includes a multimedia lab equipped with high-end technology for student use
  • The university provides quiet and comfortable study spaces for students to concentrate on their studies
  • An enjoyable student life filled with events and activities throughout the year
  • Students are given the opportunity for student exchange through participation in the Erasmus program


  • 12 Computer Labs supported with Internet and necessary programs
  •  Animation Lab, for students in the Visual Communication Design Department
  •  CAD/CAM lab where students can manufacture tangible, real-life molds and prototypes of their computer-based designs
  •  CIM Laboratory for Analyzing Industrial Technological Problems and Test the Solutions
  •  Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab
  •  Mechanical engineering laboratories
  •  Physics lab
  •  Chemistry lab, And there is a virtual laboratory to simulate experiments by using the computer
  •  Macintosh Labs: these labs have i-Mac, video projectors, and color printers used by students in the departments of Graphics, Industrial Design, and Visual Communication Design
  •  Microprocessor laboratory for computer engineering and information systems engineering departments
  •  Several health laboratories
  •  Kitchen for culinary arts

In addition to photography and drawing studios, a sewing workshop, and a printer atelier.

Career Counseling

To help students find growing opportunities to get the knowledge and the experiences serving their study fields. The center organizes Job fairs, which enable students and graduates to find training and work opportunities.

In addition, seminars and professional conferences are organized to provide students and graduates with career advice. And help them prepare their CVs and how to prepare for the interviews, and also help them get internship opportunities in the public and private sectors.

Student Activities

Within over 58 student clubs at Dogus University, a lot of cultural events and concerts take place throughout the academic year, like plays, movie nights, seminars, and many other events.

Besides the Dogus Art Gallery, It presents drawing, graphics, architecture, visual communication, and industrial products.

Students can also do many sports activities like basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, table tennis, and dancing in well-equipped sports facilities.

The University also has a healthcare center that includes high-skilled doctors, nursing staff, and psychiatrists so that students can get healthcare when needed.

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