Living Costs in Georgia

Studying in Georgia is an ideal option for students who wish to receive advanced university education while enjoying a vibrant and comprehensive student life. Students experience the rich cultural life of Georgia alongside spending enjoyable times exploring its stunning nature and engaging in various activities. Whatever you dream of in your study abroad journey, you can find it in Georgia at a very affordable cost. In addition to affordable tuition fees, living costs in Georgia are also reasonable; the average cost of living in Georgia is about $400 to $600 per month, which varies depending on the student’s personal habits and lifestyle. Here are some of the main living costs in Georgia..

Factors of Living Costs in Georgia

The living cost in Georgia includes several factors, as follows:


International students in Georgia have the following housing options:

  • University Housing: Many universities in Georgia provide student housing either on campus or nearby, with food services at a reasonable cost, averaging $300 per month.
  • Private Student Housing: Students can choose to stay in shared student residences managed by private companies.
  • Apartment Rental: Some international students in Georgia prefer to rent an apartment near their universities alone or with friends, and the average rental cost in Georgia is about $400 to $500 per month. The cost varies significantly depending on the location of the apartment; typically, apartments farther from the city center are less expensive.


There are many options available for international students regarding food, and there are many halal restaurants, such as Arabic and Turkish restaurants, offering delicious and varied food options. The cost of food in Georgia varies according to the student’s preferences, with higher costs in upscale restaurants. Students can save money by purchasing their necessities and cooking at home. Generally, the cost of food in mid-range restaurants is about $10.


Transportation in Georgia varies between buses, metro, and taxis, and students receive a significant discount on the monthly public transport pass, which costs about $15 per month. Students can also check bus schedules using dedicated apps and hail taxis through their respective apps, with taxi costs being relatively reasonable.

While residing in such an enchanting study destination, you should expect additional costs from shopping, traveling to different cities, and engaging in exciting activities such as mountain climbing or enjoyable water sports. Also, you should allocate a budget for health insurance and emergencies during your study period.