Deniz Bank


DenizBank was established in 1938 as a government bank to finance the continuously developing Turkish maritime transport sector. In 1997the bank was privatized, transitioning from the public to the private sector. In 2006, it was incorporated into the European Dexia Group, one of the leading financial institutions in Europe. Dexia acquired the bank’s major shares and held them for six years.

Following the 1997 agreement, DenizBank began implementing the “Return to Life” program, which included opening new branches and employing more people through a strategic plan that allowed the bank to achieve all its goals. The bank was supported and strengthened by purchasing some of the TMSF bank branches and integrating the Tarisbank Group, enabling it to reach its current position.

The bank has a branch in Bahrain, five non-financial local partners, three global financial partners, and seven local financial partners.

DenizBank also has a branch in Russia and operates in the European Union from Vienna.

Initially, the Deniz Group focused on retail customers and small to medium-sized enterprises. The markets prioritized by the group also include agriculture, energy, tourism, education, health, and maritime transport.

The bank owns a network in Turkey that can reach everywhere, with 724 branches in Turkey and Bahrain.

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