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Do you want to learn English in Turkey?

The importance of the English language continues to grow in the modern technological world. Therefore, Cambridge Academy is committed to providing education that meets the needs of the future and offers training services according to international standards through advanced training infrastructure and globally trained teachers.

Learn English at Cambridge International Academy, one of the best language institutes in the world.


About the Academy

Cambridge Academy is located in Istanbul, on the European side, specifically in the Şişli area, directly in front of Şişli metro station. The academy uses modern educational technologies to enrich students’ English language skills through high-quality theoretical and practical education, affordably, with the aim of helping students excel in their university studies and professional life in Turkey and abroad.

All teachers at the academy are native English speakers from the UK, the USA, and Canada, with extensive teaching experience, providing students with the best education and helping them reach a professional level in English.

Features of studying at Cambridge Academy

  • All academy teachers are native English speakers, allowing learners to acquire the language in a proper and distinguished way
  • The academy teaches all language levels from beginner to advanced
  • The academy offers several important courses to prepare for global language tests such as the IELTS and TOEFL
  • The academy offers specialized courses for children
  • The academy offers English language courses in various fields (aviation, medicine, engineering, business administration)
  • The academy also offers various courses throughout the week at different times, whether in the morning or evening, throughout the week or on holidays (intensive courses, non-intensive courses), according to the student’s desire
  • The academy offers various activities to enhance the rapid learning process for students, including conversations, watching movies in English, recreational trips, weekend gatherings, and other activities
  • The academy provides various student clubs to strengthen English language skills, such as a conversation club and an English writing club
  • The academy helps students achieve a brighter future through good academic preparation for tests and professional training
  • The academy offers more than 300 new training courses every year

Tuition Fees

Important Notes:
  • The fees shown below are in Turkish Lira
  • The fees shown below are per month and are calculated per course
  • If a student registers for several courses, they receive an additional exclusive discount for students registered through the OK TAMAM Group.
PeriodHoursChat SessionsTotal HoursCost
Morning shift10-2 PMadditional hour96220$
Afternoon3-7 PMadditional hour96200$
Evening period7-10 PMNone60150$
(Weekend) General EnglishSingle Level Fee (in Turkish Lira)
Complete level2000
Preparatory course for the IELTS or TOEFL certificateCourse fees
The full course is 80 hours350$
Private courses per hourPrivate courses per hour (in Turkish lira)
General English130
Professional Courses (Professional Courses)140
IELTS / TOEFL / preparation for university placement tests150

Teaching books expenses

Type of book Cost (in Turkish Liras)
Original books IELTS/TOEFL 200200
The clone book (FaceToFace Methodology)100

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