ankara medipol university

Ankara Medipol University

Haci Bayram Mah. Talatpaşa Bulvarı No: 2, Altındağ, Ankara

Ankara Medipol University is one of the best universities in Turkey. It was founded by the Foundation of Turkey Education, Health, Science and Research in 2018 to meet the business world’s needs and the required capacities in different fields. The University aims to raise qualified scientists and individuals with strong abilities in different fields that can contribute to socio-economic development.

The University includes 10 faculties with various majors, 3 vocational schools, and two institutes dedicated to postgraduate studies in social sciences and health sciences. In addition to the School of Foreign Languages.

Ankara Medipol University Faculties

  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Administrative and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Communication
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Political Sciences


The campus, “Anafartalar Campus,” is situated in the heart of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Where the students are surrounded by various cultural, artistic, and sports centers, providing them with opportunities to explore, participate in diverse activities, and enjoy their time. Ankara Medipol University offers within its campus:

  • Several Informatics laboratories that provide all information with high-speed internet at the level meet the students’ needs to access all research materials supported by all sources.
  •  Training centers like Dentistry simulation clinic, nursing laboratory, and food preparation and cooking laboratory.
  •  A huge library possesses different sources for reading or research purposes; the library has a self-updated electronic system that allows students to access various local and global publications in sciences, literature, social theories, and arts.
  •  Food meals which are served by the private catering company, a canteen in the B-block, and a café in the backyard of the campus.
  •  Security services are available around the clock, and security personnel play an active role in verifying the identities of students and faculty before entry.
  •  A vibrant university life where students can participate in various social, cultural, and entertainment activities throughout the year.

Why Ankara Medipol University?

  • Studying in the heart of the Turkish capital, Ankara, where vital industrial and business centers are located
  • A university campus with modern infrastructure and educational facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology
  • Advanced training and practical application opportunities through sophisticated laboratories and training centers
  • Strong academic education and diverse programs in various fields offered in both English and Turkish
  • Faculty members of experts and distinguished scholars in their respective fields
  • Various student exchange programs through partnerships with over 300 universities worldwide
  • Enjoyable university life where students can participate in diverse social, cultural, and recreational activities throughout the year

Student Exchange Programs

Students at Ankara Medipol University can benefit from exchange opportunities as the University helps its students participate in cultural and academic programs. The University has partnerships with over 300 universities worldwide, enabling students to benefit from diverse exchange programs. The University has agreements with the Erasmus program, funded by the European Union, and the Mevlana program, which focuses on academic exchange opportunities for students and teaching members. The last program is the Farabi program, a Turkish program that gives students cultural and academic opportunities in any of the educational institutions in Turkey.

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