Study Dentistry in Bosnia

Do you dream of studying dentistry at a university recognized in all European countries?

Take advantage of a special offer from the “OK TAMAM” group in collaboration with Sarajevo State University, one of the finest and most prestigious universities in Bosnia, founded in 1940 and recognized across all European countries. The cost of study is €7,500 annually, and courses are taught in English.

Seats are very limited, and selection will be competitive among applicants, so please apply quickly.

ادرس طب اسنان في البوسنه
First, you will fill out the form at the bottom of the page and upload your documents, making sure all your information is complete and correct.
Our team will review your documents and contact you if any information is missing.
If you are accepted by the university, you will receive a preliminary acceptance letter.
You will then pay the first installment of the tuition fees to the university.
The university will send you an invitation letter and the final acceptance letter.
You will visit the nearest Bosnian embassy to obtain your visa.

The entire registration process is expected to take two months, so it is advised to apply as soon as possible to ensure you can start the academic year on time.


Please note that acceptance is not guaranteed as seats are limited, and the “OK TAMAM” group does not receive any fees or charges for services.

Register now at one of the best universities in Bosnia.

Questions and Answers about Studying in Bosnia

Sarajevo University is a public institution, hence its fees are low. It is recognized in all European countries, especially for medical specialties.

The language of instruction at Sarajevo University is English. All professors are fluent in English, and the university trains many doctors worldwide, including in the United States and Canada, making its academic staff among the best in Europe.

Currently, only the dentistry program is available, as the university has closed enrollment in other health specialties. The seats are significantly limited for international students.

The current price is the maximum discount possible for the university and is exclusive to “Oki Tamam” students only and limited to a few. You will not find any accredited university in Europe with lower prices. However, if a student excels, they may receive a special discount from the university in their second year.

Yes, you can, but we cannot guarantee which year Sarajevo University will accept you. You must first register as a new student. After your acceptance and payment of part of your fees, the university’s administration will meet to evaluate your credits and inform you of your acceptance year.

You must demonstrate your English proficiency to be able to study. This can be done by submitting a certified English language certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS, or you can take the exam at the university. If you pass the exam, you will directly enter your specialization. If you fail, you will study an English preparatory year at one of the university’s affiliated centers.

Your documents will be reviewed within 4 or 5 days at the university, and acceptance will be issued if approved. However, all procedures need about two months to be completed.

Generally, no one in the world can guarantee a visa as it is up to the Bosnian authorities to decide. However, based on our experience, being accepted at the university and receiving an invitation letter from the university greatly increases the likelihood of your visa being approved.