Questions and answers about studying in Bosnia

Questions and Answers about Bosnia

Yes, Bosnia is considered one of the safest countries due to significant monitoring by the European Union, ranking it among the safest in Europe and the Balkans.

Yes, the education system at Bosnian universities is among the best in the world, adhering to European education standards, which facilitates students’ continuation of their studies in other European countries

Generally, the Bosnian capital, Sarajevo, is considered the best city in Bosnia for its youthful life and city atmosphere. Sarajevo is famous for its prestigious universities, such as the state Sarajevo University and Sarajevo International University, which is considered the best private university in Bosnia

The cost of living in Bosnia is generally low compared to other European countries. Housing costs about 250 euros if a student wishes to live in a two-room apartment with a living room. It is also possible to share housing with another person to reduce the cost per individual. The total living costs vary from person to person, but generally, they can amount to about 300 euros per month.

Registration Steps and Required Documents

After sending us your documents, within three days you will receive a preliminary acceptance letter and you will need to transfer the first installment of the university’s tuition fees. Subsequently, the university will send an official invitation to your country, and you will apply for a visa, which can take from one to two months at most.

Required documents:

  • A valid passport for more than one year
  • High school
  • diploma Transcript of grades or marks
  • Personal photos

Other documents needed for the visa

  • Police clearance certificate
  • Bank statement