Student Life in Egypt

International students coming to Egypt experience a unique student life, where they have the opportunity to explore a different life both inside and outside the university campus. During holidays and vacations, Egypt becomes an attractive destination due to its mild climate and distinctive atmosphere, encouraging foreign students to explore the country’s famous tourist and recreational sites.

حرم جامعة مصر للعلوم والتكنولوجيا

Student Life in Egypt Outside the University Campus

Egypt is known for its multitude of magnificent historical sites that reflect the history and grandeur of the civilizations that have flourished on this land. Students can visit the massive pyramids, ancient temples, historical castles, and grand historical mosques. They can also explore cultural museums, beautiful parks, and gardens. In addition to wandering through famous tourist and historical streets such as Al-Moez Street, students can enjoy enjoyable Nile trips with their new classmates.

Exploration opportunities are not limited to visiting tourist sites alone, as adventurous students can travel to various Egyptian provinces and learn about the cultures and customs of their inhabitants; they can enjoy hiking in diverse environments and discover more about the country.

Experience of Diverse Foods

Do not miss out on tasting the delicious traditional Egyptian foods such as koshari, falafel, kebab, and delectable sweets; which enrich your experience and give you a chance to discover the country’s culture through its unique flavors.

In this way, international students coming to Egypt can benefit from the diversity of student life and enjoy rich experiences that make their study period in Egypt an unforgettable memory.

Student Life in Egypt Inside the University Campus

Regarding student life inside the university campus, in addition to the Egyptian universities’ commitment to providing the highest educational quality for their students through continuously developing infrastructure and curricula to meet future job market needs, universities also focus on providing various types of student activities; artistic, cultural, social, and sports.

Most Egyptian universities feature large libraries, sports fields, diverse student clubs, theaters, food outlets, cafeterias, banks, as well as healthcare services and psychological support units for students. Egyptian universities also organize outstanding student events during the academic year; such as parties, seminars, trips, conferences, social events, and exhibitions.


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