Maltepe University

Maltepe University

Istanbul Asian side
Büyükbakkalköy, Maltepe Ünv. Marmara Eğitim Köyü, 34857 Maltepe/İstanbul, Turkey

About Maltepe University

Maltepe University is one of the top Turkish Universities. Since its establishment 22 years ago, it maintains a high academic level which makes it a very distinctive among other Universities. Maltepe University was established in a very unique district in the center of Istanbul. It is Founded by the Istanbul Marmara Educational endowment, which owns a wide range of centers and institutions in various levels of education. Starting from the primary till the Higher Education.

Universities exists to give students a “thinking education” and to present scientific thought as a viable worldview. In order to enable students before they graduate how to deal with the modern techniques in diverse fields.
To be a leading global university in the design of the future, in collaboration with all stakeholders, under the motto “Free in thought, modern in education, and universal in science.”

Why Maltepe University?

• The largest University in Turkey, it’s estimated area around 1 million meters
• It follows a new innovative method which enables students from using the modern techniques academically and practical.
• It Offers most of its programs in English, according to the recommended global curriculum
• It follows the latest teaching techniques
• It has agreements with many educational institutions in Turkey and around the world
• It organizes international conferences annually, bringing together students from all over the world and providing them with an opportunity to share their research in a multinational international environment and develop joint projects
• The University expands student exchange programs annually, including the Erasmus student exchange program
• It Provides distance learning service with the same features of studying onsite at the university

Application and Scientific research facilities

The University provides all the needed facilities that provide students with a world-class quality of education and practical application, including:
• Number of research centers and laboratories that work in conjunction with educational programs and local projects
• The largest Cinema and television studios in which students learn Art programs
• Large Courtroom for practical learning of law students
• Designing workshop that enables students of the Faculty of Architecture learn how to design as a way of supporting creativity.

Student Clubs

Maltepe University, with its vibrant campus life and social facilities, provides a vibrant environment for social and academic activities. Our students are active participants in university life, with clubs ranging from aviation to traditional Turkish arts, chess, theatre, architecture, and nature. In addition to participating in national and international conferences, film and art festivals.

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