Amendments will be made for foreign investors, said the Turkish government spokesman Noureddine jean yukle, Turquoise card is included. This card grants them specific facilities; such as, residence and work permission.

In a press conference was held by Jean Yukle after finishing cabinet meeting, declaring that the government will provide qualified foreign investors a turquoise card which is concerned of residence and work permission.

The government is seeking for providing work permissions for companies wishing to establish work in Turkey, he added. And he drew attention that short term work permission will be provided for workers and strategists.These facilities will include Syrian in particular and to fulfill their needs in easier manners.  It worth mention, Turquoise card that is a program made by the Turkish government, is giving those investors the rights as Turkish citizens themselves, to pave the way for future investments and to reinforce manpower in Turkey. This program is being developed to attract highly skilled laborers within the compatibility of final transformation program. This is in the frame of the tenth development plan announced by Recep Tayeb Erdogan.Turquoise Card’s Point System includes criteria that are related to education, qualification, salary and language. In this regard, this program, in a short while, will provide a permanent residence for who have required qualifications. Foreign investors will be obtained a lot of citizenship rights as Turkish citizens.     In the framework of preferential transformation program, included in the Tenth Development Plan, the bureaucratic transactions of work permits and conditions will be simplified for high efficiency foreign workers and their families. The Program of Action Plan Center for Attracting Skilled Laborers   will let the state be more competitively in the development work to take advantage of foreign workers with high efficiency in addition to the local workforce.