Question and Answers for Founding Companies

We were pleased to answer the most popular questions raised about the establishment of companies in Turkey

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Establishing companies in Turkey - FAQ

Yes you can change the name of the company, this requires the consent of partners in addition to fees for the process.

During the establishment, the owner of the company can choose the type of activity he wants,

The payment including the first five activity will be paid within the wages of establishing the company. Moreover, there are extra expenses to increase the number of activities,

Yes, you can change the activities of your company but it requires the consent of the partners in addition to expenses

Yes, you can also change the quotas for the founders or owners of the company, and there are expenses for this process.

Yes you can add or change the manager you are entitled to with the consent of the partners.

Virtual Office gives you the time and opportunity to find a suitable headquarter for your business,

You can use this address as your company’s primary address,
Where you can receive mail and official papers and you can use the office monthly for two hours for your meetings.

Yes, you can transfer the company’s address to the place you want within the territory of Turkey, but there are expenses for this process,

You can not deposit capital in a currency other than the Turkish currency.
However, you can open more than one account in different currencies within your account

The fee of the legal accountant shall be 450 Tl per month in case the company has limited liability

If the company is a joint stock company, the accountant’s fees will be 600 Tl per month

The salary of the accountant is varies from one to another according to his ability and degree in the state

Any person in the company, whether a manager or a partner, can act as an agent for the establishment,
The client establishes the company based on the power of attorney. Otherwise, it will result in financial fines

You will have some fixed taxes as follows
– Quarterly taxes: 45 Tl per month
– Annual taxes and be paid 350 Tl annually
– Stobag taxes and 25% of the lease contract for the real headquarters
– In case you have a Virtual address, you will have to pay 30 Tl per month

Yes, you can extract a work permit for you and your partners, but the company capital should be 100,000 Turkish lira at a minimum. Each partner who wants to obtain a work permit must have a minimum salary of 40,000 Turkish lira

Questions and answers about establishing companies from outside Turkey

The duration varies depending on nationality and the country from which you apply, But the duration ranges from 25 days to 40 days.

Yes, you can open a branch for your company in Turkey, but it is considered as a whole new company under the laws of the Turkish government.

Yes we can do this, just send us a passport photo, required activities, company name and manager name, and we will process everything for you

Questions and answers regarding to work permission, residence, Citizenship in Turkey

It is not necessary to obtain a tourist visa to establish the company. You only need to submit a valid passport

You can get the Turkish citizenship after obtaining a work permit and keep working in Turkey for five years.

The capital of the company has to be 100,000 liras at a minimum, and the share of each partner who wishes to get work permit shall be at least 40,000 liras.

In the sense that if the number of partners 3 and all the partners want to get work permit, the capital must be 120,000 liras

We recommend that you do not stay out of Turkey for long periods of time and would prefer to be registered in the country every six months if you have a short stay permit (tourist – family – real estate).s

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