Izmir University of Economics

Izmir University of Economics

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi




Fevzi Çakmak, Sakarya Cd. No:156, 35330 Balçova/İzmir, Turkey


Izmir University of Economics

Izmir University of Economics established by Izmir Chamber of Commerce Health and Education Foundation under the 4633 law in April 2001, with the aim of providing a high quality of education for a generation who are capable of contributing to the economic growth. It is a first University that has been established in the beautiful Aegean Sea area in Izmir.

Up to 10 thousand student enroll annually in the University and there is over 464 academicians, 59 of them are foreign teaching members. Izmir University of Economics offers 35 undergraduate programs, 38 master’s programs, and 9 Ph.D. programs. The University includes 8 faculties, 4 graduate schools, 3 vocational schools and 10 research & applied centers.

Izmir University of Economics always provides all the needed facilities for the students, like modern class rooms, laboratories with high techniques, students clubs, café and restaurants, and dorms. That’s why, Izmir University could attract many students from all over the world.

Life at Izmir University of Economics

Students can easily go to the University campus even by metro, bus, or by the sea, as the campus located in balcova. It’s one of the most exceptional areas in Izmir.

The University also creates a very unique campus-environment by organizing various musical events and conferences. In addition to 50 student club that offers social, cultural, and sports events, so students can enjoy their time and satisfy their interests at Izmir University of Economics.
Above all, the campus is located few minutes away from the historical places and the magnificent beaches, so the students can spend their free time or the weekends visiting such amazing places.

Why Izmir University of Economics?

• The University provides a global, multicultural and flexible academic environment in various fields and disciplines.
• English is the official language.
• The University tries to find ways of participation in effective, innovative and interdisciplinary research and development activities in various sciences.
• One of the University’s most fundamental values is social responsibility, which is the effective management of social resources and the information production.
• The University always update its academic programs curriculum
• The University collaborate with 168 University in 26 countries, these agreements are for student exchange and academic protocols with 41 universities.
• Izmir Economic University is distinguished by its developed infrastructure.
• The University has a comprehensive library including books, old and modern sources in various fields.

Dormitories and Accommodation

Izmir University of Economics Student Dormitories has healthy, safe and clean dorms for domestic and international students. These dorms include separate rooms for girls and boys equipped with everything the student may needs, like beds, central air conditioner, kitchens, study rooms, laundry rooms, a prayer room, cafes and restaurants.

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